Explosive Environment 6mm Videoscope (USA XP Series)

Product Description:

Discover the groundbreaking and efficient options of modern visual inspection and use with the USA-XP Videoscope System. This videoscope system is available in different variations, diameters and working lenghts. The system consits of thee core elements:

– Imaging and Documentation Hub with integrated 3W LED Light Source

– Videoprobe

Case – Transportation and Storage Case

Unique Benefits & Features:

NFPA 70 - Class 1 Division 2


CE Compliant

Mil Std 810G Method 511.6

CMOS image sensor

5.0“ / 12.7cm display

At least 6h operation time

2.97lb / 1.35Kg

Short rigid distal end

Advanced image sensor

4-way articulation

360° ergonomic

High Power LED

ATEX Borescope

Advanced Benefits & Features:

Digital video recording

Image capturing

3.5x zoom

Adjustable light intensity


Image annotation

Up to 32GB storage

Camera control


On-screen menu

Image Quality:

screenshot  screenshot2


6mm Diameter Pricing:

USA-XP 46-15 – (Call for pricing)

1.5 meter working length

USA-XP 46-20 – (Call for pricing)

2 meter working length

USA-XP 46-30 – (Call for pricing)

3 meter working length

USA-XP 46-40 – (Call for pricing)

4 meter working length

USA-XP 46-50 – (Call for pricing)

5 meter working length

USA-XP 46-60 – (Call for pricing)

6 meter working length

USA-XP 46-75 – (Call for pricing)

7.5 meter working length

For Complete Specs & More Information email: Sales@usaborescopes.com

USA-XP Series  Videoscope is ideal for use in explosive environments.  This equipment has been tested and certified by an independent lab. Test results available upon request.

Call For Configuration Options

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