P&W Inspection Kit (Price Reduced!)

P&W Inspection kit - USAVS Series

PN: PWC37711

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PWC34910-109 - PVRS-2-4-1300-Articulating Flexible Videoscope

PRICE REDUCED $4,495.00 USD 2 way articulating (PN: PWKIT-2)

PRICE REDUCED $5,995.00 USD 4 way articulating (PN: PWKIT-4)

Product Description:

The portable video borescope provides high-resolution video images that are rich in detail & quality. They allow the user to to capture images and video files of remote visual inspections for future reference. Ideal for turbine and generator inspections or automotive engine inspections.

Picture/Video Recording

4mm Diameter

2 or 4 Way Articulation

1500mm Working Length Probe

Tungsten Sheathing

Built in LED Lights

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries

Comfortable Grip

Pratt &Whitney Guide Tube (Choice of 1)




Insertion Tube Holder and Rigid Sleeves

Sleeve body gripper

3 Insertion tubes

Short Guide Tube: 290 mm

Medium Guide Tube: 380 mm

Long Guide Tube: 490 mm


The original PWC34910-109 inspection kit as listed in the Pratt & Whitney Service letter S.I.L NO. GEN- PT6-029 specifically referred to a fiberscope kit.  However with the advances in technology videoscopes entered the scene and are now the dominate visual inspection device used for these Pratt & Whitney engine inspections.

What is important is that the videoscope being used meets or exceed the requirements as listed in the Pratt & Whitney service letter.  Maximum diameter of 4.3 mm and minimum probe length are easily achieved with the PWKit 2 and the PWKit 4.  Of course at the time of the Pratt & Whitney service letter S.I.L NO. GEN- PT6-029 two-way articulation was the most widely used when it came to borescope products.  Again, with the advances in technology and features four way and joystick articulation are the most popular.   Picture taking and video recording of the turbine inspection are perfumed with the touch of a button.  Conversely, image capture and video recording with the older fiberscopes required external cameras and light sources.  This was a very cumbersome process especially if you were on an elevated platform.

This borescope kit has been found especially useful for the inspection of Pratt & Whitney PT6 engines, highlighting the unit’s small diameter, short distal ends in order to easily navigate through the PWC34910-200, PWC34910-400, PWC34910,600 guide tubes, as well as many others.

Machida borescopes for many years was a leader in the Pratt & Whitney approved borescopes and unfortunately, they ceased operation many years ago.  These Pratt & Whitney approved borescopes meet the requirements as outlined in the Pratt & Whitney Service letter and these borescopes meet or exceed these requirements.

In addition, there are other Pratt & Whitney approved borescopes listed that have similar or slightingly different specifications.  P&WC EMM also refers to the borescope kits:









This videoscope kit meets the requirements to perform an HSI borescope inspection as described in the applicable EMM and P&WC SIL PT6A-116.

4 Way Articulation *
2 Way Articulation *
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