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Economy video borescopes serve as good flexible video inspection tools for various types of jobs. The focus of these portable low cost videoscopes are for the easy jobs that don’t require more sophisticated videoscopes. This is a helpful tool for pipes & ducts, sewer inspections, easy home inspections such as the inside of walls or for security inspections of vehicles, tanks or cargo shipments.


Allows for easy visual inspections in hard-to-reach areas

3.5 ” LCD Detachable/Mountable Hi-Color Wireless Monitor

REC Real Time Recording Capability

2G Portable Micro SD Card

4.5 mm Diameter Flexible Probe – 3Ft Length

Rechargeable Monitor

4-AA Batteries required for camera, fully adjustable twin LED lights

Twist and Lock attachable Probe

Comfort Grip housing with video output to TV, and USB port connect to PC

This portable videoscope is perfect for helicopter maintenance borescope for use as a Helicopter borescope as it can be used as a Helicopter Engine Borescope or helicopter airframe borescope.   The same is true for Aviation borescope professionals; the portable borescope can be used as an aircraft engine borescope or simply as an aviation borescope for frame of landing gear inspections.
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