UV Borescopes


What is a UV Borescope?

UV Videoscopes are a type of borescope with a UV light that has been specially developed to identify surface defects such as cracks and leaks, using fluorescent liquid dye penetration testing. These extremely small defects could severely damage the quality of the part in question.

Equipped with special Quartz light fibers and UV objective lenses, the UV borescope combined with the UV light source is an exceptional tool for NDT professionals in aerospace, power generation, and investment casting environments.

What are the features and benefits of UV borescopes?

UV borescopes are available in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm diameters with various probe lengths allowing you to find the perfect UV borescope camera for your situation. Unlike a rigid borescope, inspection camera articulation, or being able to have the camera look around in different directions, is standard on the flexible UV borescopes. In addition, it is a relatively low-cost inspection option for high volume inspections.

The UV videoscopes can help detect the defects that cannot be identified with the traditional borescope lighting such as halogen, xenon, or LED. The process works by adding a liquid dye penetrant to the inspection area. Then the inspection area is exposed to ultraviolet light. This causes a fluorescent reaction to occur that makes the defects and irregularities more visible.

The advantage of performing fluorescent penetrant inspections (FPI) with a UV borescope is that it is ideal for even the smallest imperfections and microfractures. Fluorescent penetrant inspections with a UV borescopes is a non-destructive inspection process which means that the item that is being inspected is not in any way damaged by the inspection process

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