Rigid Borescopes


A non-flexible scope made of polished stainless steel and that utilizes an eye piece instead of a monitor.

Typical diameters range from 2.7mm up to 10mm and lengths of 175mm up to 305mm on average. These systems are ideal for the manufacturing industry, or companies that do the same inspection repetitively where they can mount the scope to a fixed position. Companies which specialize in metal casting and cylinder bore inspections are a good example of this.

The enclosed design of this system makes it water, dust, oil and diesel proof. Rigid Borescopes are known for their unmatched high image quality which is due to direct glass rod lenses rather than fiberoptic or camera sensor technology. All Rigid Borescopes are designed with light fiber bundles that transmit light to the end of the probe. These systems would still require an external light source. Taking pictures and/or videos is still possible by connecting a USB Camera and adaptor to the eye piece of the borescope along with a high intensity LED light source. These systems are designed for direct view or side viewing angles.

If an inspection requires elaborate angles or 90° bends then the user would find more success by using a flexible style borescope.

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