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Borescope rentals are the perfect solution for those who are looking to conduct a limited number of visual inspections in hard to reach places or need a complex visual inspection system for enhanced visual optics in small cavity type areas. Depending on the type of inspection area, usage frequency, and type of borescope it can make more sense financially to rent a borescope like a videoscope or a fiberscope instead of purchasing.

Reasons to Rent a Borescope

There are many reasons to rent a borescope inspection system however the three most common reasons are usage frequency, budgetary constraints, and inoperative existing equipment. Many times budgetary constraints can impede the purchasing process for new equipment however, the need for inspections to be performed are still required. Other times where a borescope rental might be needed is when the need for a borescope doesn’t come up often enough to justify the purchase. Or by the same token, there are times where an existing borescope isn’t functioning properly and a videoscope or fiberscope rental system can provide a quick and easy solution. No matter the reason, USA Borescopes offers high quality borescope and inspection camera rentals that can solve your inspection requirements.

Types of Borescope Rentals

There are many types of borescope rentals including videoscope rentals, fiberscope rentals, UV Borescopes, rigid borescopes and more. USA Borescopes maintains a large inventory of Borescopes and Videoscopes that can be rented. These include: Flexible Borescopes, Non-Articulating Videoscopes, Portable Videoscopes, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm Videoscopes.

Along with these, we also offer Pipe Inspection Systems or Sewer Cameras & more for most industrial and sewer applications.

Finally, for aviation engine borescope rentals, we do carry some borescope guide tubes that are available to rent.

The Borescope Rental Process

We ask that you start by completing a short rental agreement. Once the agreement is completed and processed we will ship you your rental borescope. Please contact us as early as possible for your borescope rental so that we can make sure that the inspection system arrives in time to perform your inspection.

We use UPS and FedEx only with our borescope rentals. The borescope rental period starts the day that you receive the system and does not include the time the borescope is being shipped. Most borescope rentals are available for overnight shipping, however, there are some US locations that are not available for this service.

To make the entire process as easy as possible for you, we include a prepaid FedEx shipper so that you can return the borescope rental to FedEx or one of their partner locations hassle free.

If you decide that you would like to purchase the borescope prior to returning it from the rental period, then please contact us immediately. We will apply the rental fees toward the purchase (shipping excluded).

How Long Can I Rent a Borescope?

At USA Borescopes, we try to cater to our customer’s needs when it comes to borescope rentals. Borescope rentals are available: daily, weekly, and monthly. We also offer rent to own options.

Why Get A Borescope Rental From USABorescopes?

Are you unsure what type of borescope rental you need? ? Or do you know exactly what you want and are ready to get a borescope rental? No matter the reason, fill out a contact form or call (931) 362-3304 to speak with an expert today. We’re happy to answer any question you have or tell you about the available borescope rental options and offerings.


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