Portable Videoscopes

Portable Videoscopes

What are Portable Videoscopes?

A portable videoscope is a type of portable borescope. A portable videoscope is a flexible style inspection camera with an insertion tube made up of either poly/vinyl, stainless steel or tungsten sheathing. Typical diameters for portable borescopes range from 2.1mm through 8mm and average probe lengths range from 1 meter through 7.5meters.

What Industries use Portable Borescopes or Videoscopes?

Portable borescope cameras are incredibly versatile and are used throughout many industries as they can be custom made by length, diameter and features to suit specific inspections. Portable industrial borescopes and videoscopes also can be utilized to complete a large variety of comprehensive inspections. For example, when thinking about areospace and helicopter inspections most aircraft inspections will use a 4mm diameter for Pratt & Whitney engines and a 6mm diameter for larger GE engines.

There are portable inspection camera systems designed specifically for gas and oil inspections. Those particular videoscopes are certified as explosion proof for additional safety of the end user. The enclosed design of these cameras makes them water, dust and oil proof. Some of these cameras can have a non-articulating style probe, while others have articulation. Most videoscopes including portable videoscopes come standard with built in LEDs, batteries and monitor. This allows the end user more portability as they are no longer tied down to external power or light sources. The monitor makes it much easier on the user since there is no longer an eye piece to look through. Most videoscopes are designed with a direct viewing angle, however some systems do offer tips to change this.

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