Pipe Inspection Systems (Push Camera and Sewer Camera)

pipe inspection systems, Push Camera, Sewer Camera

A non-articulating long length flexible videoscope used mainly in power generation, HVAC and plumbing/sewer industries.

Typical diameters range from 6mm diameter up to 3” diameter and lengths from 100ft to 400ft. These “push” style cameras are designed to inspect long tubes or pipes that a normal portable style videoscope would not be able to inspect. The larger diameter of these cameras allows for more light output from the LEDs making it easier to brighten a larger area or pipe.

These cameras can come in a number of different styles such as a fixed straight view, self-leveling, transmitting and Pan and Tilt. The traditional straight view allows the end user to look forward during the inspection. This is your lower cost pipe inspection option. The self-leveling feature keeps the orientation of the camera always face up. This aids in keeping the camera from looking upside down while in a pipe. The transmitter or sonde that comes from these camera heads is used along with a locator device to help the end user pinpoint where the camera is inside a pipe underground. The higher end pipe inspection systems contain a transmitting Pan and Tilt camera head. These style cameras allow the end user to manipulate the camera angle to look 360° around.

A good use for this type of camera would be for those wanting to inspect orbital welds. All of these systems are water, dust and oil proof. Most systems come standard with their own monitor and battery to help with portability.

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