Flexible Fiberscopes

What is a flexible fiberscope?

Flexible fiberscopes are a type of borescope or visual inspection instrument that uses a high-quality fiber bundle to transmit a clear visual image of the inspection area back to the user via a focusable ocular eyepiece. Unlike a rigid borescope, a flexible borescope allows users to navigate through small and challenging areas. As a visual inspection tool, flexible fiberscopes enable users to conduct a complete and thorough visual examination of small diameter structures such as those found in tiny components, mechanical chambers, small cavities, castings, and surgical instrumentations.

Due to its ease of use and control, the flexible fiberscope is a top inspection tool of choice for many professionals across many industries.

What are the different features and benefits of flexible fiberscopes?

Possessing many benefits, the flexible fiberscopes can come in a variety of sizes and features for all inspection needs. The main type of flexible fiberscope is the articulating fiberscope which is used to inspect narrow or limited access points with help from its articulation or maneuverable function. Flexible fiberscopes primarily come with 2-way articulation but the 4-way articulation fiberscope is available as well. You can find flexible fiberscopes in a variety of sizes ranging from 2.4mm (.09 inches) in diameter up to 6mm (.236 inches).

Considered one of the more durable types of inspection tools, flexible fiberscopes contain a well protected and entirely enclosed optical image bundle that is shielded in a housing of braided flexible stainless steel or tungsten to protect against outside elements while still providing users the ability to direct and navigate the inspection probe around corners and elbows for a clear inspection visual.

Whether you are looking for a flexible borescope to inspect dark or poorly lit areas or add additional lighting for visual clarity, there is a large variety of light sources to match your exact needs. LED light sources available as either a portable light source or stationary are the most popular option due to being brighter and more energy-efficient than the traditional halogen light sources. Fiberscope video camera attachments & adaptor kits are also available which allow users to not only connect their fiberscope to their computers for an enhanced inspection visual but it also provides users the ability of image capture and video recordings. A camera attachment can be added to a fiberscope by attaching the camera to the ocular eyepiece via a C-mount adapter.

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