Airplane & Engine Borescopes

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Airplane & Engine Borescopes

As many aviation professionals know, routine aviation inspections are essential for not only ensuring and prolonging the lifespan of an aircraft vessel but mandatory for maintaining an airworthiness aircraft. Conducting aviation borescope inspections, specifically utilizing an aviation video borescope system, aircraft owners and aeronautic technicians are able to uniquely inspect and thereby diagnose otherwise hard to reach areas of an aircraft.

What is an Aviation Borescope?

Borescopes, commonly referred to as videoscopes and industrial endoscopes are inspection cameras that are widely used in aviation and aeronautics industries. To ensure that internal components are within optimal performance standards, aviation specialists depend on aviation borescopes as a visual inspection tool for fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and aircraft engines.

To conduct thorough aviation maintenance inspections, the aviation borescope tool of choice for most modern-day inspectors is a video borescope also known as a videoscope that provides onboard capabilities such as image capture and video recordings to keep detailed records and document the inspection. These specialized borescopes are often equipped with enhanced lighting to illuminate the inspection area, by either external light sources or built-in LED lighting.

What Aviation Borescopes are Required for Aviation & Aerospace Inspections?

The actual aviation borescope system required during airplane borescope inspections may vary depending on the inspection needs. For most smaller piston engines, a borescope inspector will often utilize a 6mm borescope inspection camera with about one meter of working cable length in order to obtain a clear visual of the piston head, piston walls as well as lifters. Smaller turbine engines generally require a smaller or micro borescope camera with the inspection camera probe measuring 4mm, 3mm, or below in diameter in order to fit through many of the Pratt & Whitney borescope guide tubes.

Larger commercial jet engines normally require a 6mm borescope inspection camera and up to 3 meters of working cable length in order to navigate the entire outside of the aircraft engine.  In addition, aviation maintenance inspections for larger commercial crafts require an articulating borescope with maneuverable visual steering and a side-viewing tip (not to be confused with a non-articulating borescope).

What are the features and benefits of Aviation borescopes?

Borescopes are mostly used in nondestructive testing techniques for identifying defects, debris, or imperfections. Borescopes are commonly used in the visual inspection of aircraft engines, helicopter engines, wind turbines, industrial gas turbines, steam turbines, automotive engines, as well as many casting applications.

For both fixed-wing and helicopters, the acronym, ‘AOG’ (Aircraft on Ground) draws a lot of attention since it indicates that the air vessel is not approved for airworthiness and cannot embark on its schedule travel. In cases like this, a portable borescope is invaluable when trying to diagnose and troubleshoot the cause of a grounded aircraft -- particularly if it due to potential engine issues. Portable borescopes are equipped with a rechargeable battery for on the go inspections and many portable borescopes offer both a microphone for live verbal notations during the inspection process as well as a removable SD card to store image and video recordings.

Why Get an Aviation Borescope From USABorescopes?

At USABorescopes your customer satisfaction is our highest priority.  With a wide selection of borescopes such as high-quality videoscopes, portable borescopes, aviation guide tubes, and other accessories, you will be sure to find the inspection tool for your specific needs.

Not sure what aviation inspection camera you need? Contact us today and speak to one of our knowledgeable aviation borescope experts. Allow one of our team members to guide you through the process and determine which borescope is right for your needs.

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