6mm Videoscopes

What Are 6mm Borescopes?

The 6mm borescope is as straight-forward as it sounds, a borescope 6mm in diameter. 6 mm borescopes, a type of inspection camera, often referred to as a 6mm videoscopes, is a visual inspection device often used to inspect pipes, conduits, and areas with limited access. Although coined as a 6mm borescope, the true size of a 6mm borescope can vary anywhere from 5.1mm up to 6.7mm. The size variance, however, is inconsequential and provides no adverse impact on the inspection process. Additionally, the length of portable 6mm borescopes can differ depending on if larger articulation cables and cable guides are being utilized for the inspection process.

6mm Borescope & Videoscope Features

The 6mm inspection camera can come with a diverse set of options and features. One common feature that can be found in many 6mm diameter borescopes is the flexible woven metal braid around the entire length of the probe, usually tungsten or high tensile strength stainless steel for improved articulation and protection. Other available features of the 6mm hd borescopes are the interchangeable side viewing tips for improved visibility. The interchangeable borescope tip threads over the top of the inspection probe to securely provide increased flexibility and utility for remote visual inspections. All standard 6mm video inspection cameras come with still image capture and a video recording feature that can be accessed through the built-in SD card. Some borescope systems have advanced features of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capability. With this diameter probe and larger articulation cables and cable guides, longer length probes are available.

Who Uses a 6mm Video Borescope?

Considered to be a favorite among many professionals, the 6mm videoscope, a highly-versatile 6mm inspection camera is often utilized for numerous applications as well as a broad array of industries such as oil and gas, power and energy, aerospace & aviation, general maintenance & field service, pharmaceutical, and even food & beverage.

Many professionals in both the oil and gas sector as well as the power and energy industry, depend on a 6mm borescope to conduct in-depth and thorough inspections for corrosion, erosion, welding, and other defects in power equipment and turbine engines. Similar to the oil & gas industry, the aviation & aerospace industry will conduct visual inspections for helicopter and airplane engines with a 6mm borescope. For extensive equipment inspection, aviation experts often use a 6mm flexible borescope or articulating borescope to inspect rotating turbines, cylinders, transmissions and airframe. Aviation professionals will frequently pair a 6mm diameter borescope with a guide tube to conduct a comprehensive engine inspection.

Additionally, maintenance and field service professionals often require the use of a portable 6mm inspection borescope for inspecting heat exchangers, pumps, filters, HVAC and other process equipment. While in the food and beverage as well as pharmaceuticals industries depend on the 6mm borescope to ensure the quality and cleanliness of process piping.

Why Get a 6mm Borescope From USABorescopes?

At USABorescopes, your satisfaction is our top priority. Whether you are looking for a borescope rental or want to buy, our trusted 6mm inspection systems are ruggedly built for long term dependability. With a wide selection of premium-quality 6mm videoscope cameras, as well as 3mm borescopes, 4mm borescopes, 8mm borescopes, and accessories, you will be sure to find the inspection camera and products to suit your needs.

Not sure what 6mm inspection camera you need? Contact us today and speak to one of our knowledgeable inspection camera experts. Our team members are happy to help you determine which borescope or videoscope you need and guide you through the purchase process.


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