4mm Fiberscopes

fiberscope is a flexible tool made of a fiber optic bundle with a lens on one end and an eyepiece on another. They are ideal for remote visual inspection of areas normally outside of view. Unlike other kinds of tools, a flexible borescope is perfect for snaking through drains, winding through engines, and twisting through other tight spaces.

If you’re looking for a borescope with a particularly slim profile, the 4mm fiberscopes inspection cameras may be exactly what you need. Operators can slip these versatile tools into even the smallest of spaces, making 4mm fiberscope cameras ultra-useful in inspection jobs. Professionals in the aerospace industry frequently use these tools to inspect engines, turbines, and any other hard-to-reach space in need of a closer look. Those working in plumbing, HVAC, and in the auto industry can all benefit from the use of a 4mm fiberscope.

As you shop for fiberscopes that are around 4mm in diameter, you’ll want to keep certain features in mind. As aerospace professionals will tell you, inspecting turbine blades requires – at minimum – a two-way articulating borescope. Many prefer the four-way option or even joystick articulating systems. If you’re looking for optimal articulation, a 4mm fiberscope can give you the freedom to steer the top of the borescope by cable guiding the tip into the body of the borescope handle. The versatility of these tools makes for superior inspection quality.

If you’re eager to add a 4mm diameter fiberscope to your toolbox, you’re in the right place. USABorescopes is a global supplier of world-class visual inspection equipment, and we’re known throughout the industry for our quality and service. Whether you need a 4mm fiberscope camera or just aren’t sure of what tool your particular inspection job calls for, our team is happy to assist. Contact us today for renting or explore purchase options now by calling 1-931-362-3304 or filling out our contact form.

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