3mm Videoscopes

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What is a 3mm borescope?

3mm borescopes also known as 3mm videoscopes are borescopes 3mm in diameter. The 3 mm borescope is a type of inspection camera commonly used to see inside walls, inspect small diameter tubes, machined castings, and inside engines. While often listed as a 3mm inspection camera, the actual size of a 3 mm borescope can vary ranging from 2.0 to 3.9mm in diameter. The borescopes in this group offer on board viewing with color screen, adjustable LED lighting and image capture.

The 3mm industrial borescope is a popular choice among many professional inspectors due to its convenient size and functionality. Used across multiple industries and verticals including in-field servicing, aerospace, machining or casting inspection, the 3mm borescope camera provides professionals with high-quality optics for comprehensive visual inspections.

3mm Borescope Features:

There are many reasons to consider a 3mm inspection system particularly when inspection applications may require you to examine an extremely narrow passage or a bore. For this purpose, a number of articulating borescopes in small diameter are available to complete the task. Important features to consider when looking for a 3mm inspection camera are size maneuverability and durability. Many small diameter industrial borescopes come with articulation for improved visibility in tight corners and bends. In contrast to rigid borescopes and non-articulating borescopes, articulation of a borescope refers to the ability to steer, maneuver or deflect the tip inside the desired area of the inspection target. The cable guides usually consist of four inside steel wires for 4-way direction control and two cables for the 2-way. Another important feature is optics -- 3 mm videoscopes offer picture taking and video recording of the inspection areas. Easy viewing of the inspection with the crisp imaging on the color screen, built-in adjustable LED illumination, image zoom, date and time stamp and rechargeable battery pack are standard features. Many 3mm borescopes include video output and cables allowing connection to an external monitor or DVR which makes group training sessions more convenient. When considering durability, the 3mm videoscope is a perfect solution.The 3mm portable videoscopes are designed with reinforced tungsten or stainless-steel sheathing for added durability. This flexible insertion probe can be bent into many shapes to fit into those hard to access and unreachable areas. Lightweight, handheld design makes the borescope camera convenient and easy to use. Other common features are water and oil resistant probes which can be found in smaller borescopes like mini borescopes. This becomes ever more important for pipe inspection cameras.

Why Get A 3 mm Borescope From USABorescopes?

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