What to Consider When Renting a Borescope

by | Dec 4, 2020 | News

Borescope cameras can be expensive and not all maintenance professionals need their own. Some technicians may find they use a certain type of borescope on a regular basis, and other ones very rarely.

A plumber, for example, might use a rigid sewer camera almost daily to diagnose plumbing issues. This means it would be worthwhile for them to invest in this type of borescope camera. However, this same plumber may only occasionally need a pipe inspection camera to examine underground pipes or other long, hard-to-reach spaces.  A pipe inspection camera can cost thousands of dollars, so it often makes more sense for the plumber to rent, rather than purchase, these devices when needed.

Borescope inspections not only help a technician diagnose machinery, they also help instill confidence in customers. According to Plumber Magazine, several plumbing companies that routinely offer free borescope inspections found, “It shows people that you’re not just making up the problem… It gives them a visual right then and there so they can see for themselves the condition of their pipes.”

Clearly, a plumbing camera is an important part of any plumbing inspection job. If you only perform occasional borescope inspections, consider renting a camera from a company you trust. Here, at USA Borescopes, we offer a wide variety of borescope cameras for rent.

To help you identify which inspection camera suits your needs, we’ve broken down the devices available for rent and their practical uses below. Let’s get started!

Videoscope Kits

Videoscopes are one of the most commonly used borescope cameras. A videoscope is composed of a push rod, or insertion tube, with a small camera attached to the end. As the operator maneuvers the device through a piece of machinery, the camera captures and records the borescope inspection. Footage is then relayed to a connected monitor. The image-capture abilities allow the operator to share footage with coworkers and clients, making the videoscope inspection camera a popular choice among industry professionals.

While videoscopes have many applications, they are commonly used by industrial quality inspectors, engineers, electricians and more. Aerospace technicians use these borescope cameras to perform routine gas turbine inspections and portable videoscopes to perform emergency inspections in the field. Plumbers may use flexible videoscopes to inspect pipes with tight bends and rigid videoscopes to examine overhead plumbing. Manufacturing plants also use videoscopes to inspect the moving parts of production. The possibilities are endless!  

If you think a videoscope is the right borescope camera for you, consider renting one of our videoscope kits. Our kits include an insertion tube, camera lens and monitor, so you have everything you need to perform a borescope inspection.

Next, you must determine the necessary borescope size. USA Borescopes offers a variety of borescope cameras, ranging from 4mm to 8mm in diameter and 1.3m to 2.6m in length. All of our videoscope kits feature articulating inspection cameras, allowing you more control over the remote inspection.  

No matter the job, you can be confident USA Borescopes has the technology you need to perform a thorough borescope inspection.

Pipe Inspection Cameras

A pipe inspection camera is a type of borescope camera most commonly used by plumbing professionals. These devices are made up of a high-resolution camera which is attached to the end of an insertion tube or flexible rod. Because pipe inspection cameras are meant to examine isolated piping, such as underground pipes and sewer lines, they feature lengthy insertion tubes. At USA Borescopes, we offer pipe inspection cameras up to 60m in length! 

The device’s long cables and camera allow the operator to examine and record a remote borescope inspection and share it with colleagues. With multiple eyes on the inspection footage, technicians can rest assured they identified every crack, blockage and site of corrosion. These inspection cameras also allow maintenance professionals to avoid labor-intensive projects by pinpointing damage without having to excavate plumbing systems. 

When it comes to maintenance, the pipe inspection camera has many practical uses outside of plumbing; that’s why it’s used to perform a number of different borescope inspections. Some aviation technicians use pipe inspection cameras to perform routine gas turbine inspections, while manufacturers use them to examine natural gas lines and fuel tanks.  For some of these inspections a explosion proof videoscope-xt may be required as these systems are a certified borescope Class 1 Div 2 certified.   There is also a certified Class 0 Borescope, the P374 intrinsically safe inspection camera.

If you need a borescope camera that can examine isolated piping or structures, consider renting a pipe inspection camera from USA Borescopes. Choose from devices ranging from 6mm to 30mm in diameter and 15m to 60m in cable length. One of our inspection cameras for rent, the Wöhler VIS 700 HD-Video Inspection System, even includes a radio transmitter. This makes it easier to track your borescope camera’s location during a deep inspection.  

Micro Fiberscopes 

A micro borescope is a type of borescope camera that uses a high-quality fiber bundle to navigate small and complex structures. According to Quality Magazine, the first fiberscopes used, “integrated lens, mirror(s), eyepiece and light source,” to transmit images of the borescope inspection back to the operator. Eventually, “manufacturers began attaching video cameras to the proximal end of the ‘fiberscope,’” allowing the operator to more easily view inspection footage as well as record and share it with colleagues. 

Fiberscopes are versatile and durable tools that can be used to inspect nearly any challenging structure. These inspection cameras are typically water and oil resistant and are used in aviation, plumbing, the automotive industry and more. 

To improve borescope inspection ease, USA Borescopes offers fiberscope rentals with two-way articulation, giving you more control over the inspection process. Our rentals range from 0.5mm to 4mm in diameter and 0.5m to 1m in working length, so you can inspect the most challenging internal structures. 

Borescope Inspection Services

If you are performing a borescope inspection, it’s imperative that you have the training and knowledge necessary to correctly examine and diagnose a machine. Failing to do so could compromise the integrity of the machine, leading to even more damage and danger to those who come in contact with it.  

When it comes to aircraft, for example, the craft must be deemed “airworthy” in order to fly. According to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the Code of Federal Regulations and National Transportation Safety Board have said that an airworthy aircraft, “(1) must conform to its type certificate, if and as that certificate has been modified by supplemental type certificates and by Airworthiness Directives; and (2) must be in condition for safe operation.” Failure to meet these standards puts the pilot and those on board at risk of legal safety violation, and potentially even physical harm. A careful inspection with the right tools can make a world of difference for an aircraft and its human cargo. 

If you need assistance with a borescope inspection, USA Borescopes offers inspection services. Our professionals can service your machinery at your location or in the field, and ensure it is safe and ready to operate. Though we inspect a wide range of machinery, we specialize in aviation and pipe inspection as well as metal casting evaluation. 

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Borescope inspections are a crucial part of any inspection job, however, not all technicians need their own borescope camera. If you only need a certain type of inspection camera on occasion, check out our devices available for rent. For those new to borescope inspection, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our staff of seasoned technicians is happy to walk you through rental options and inspection services.

In addition, if you have a borescope that is damaged and you’re really just looking to get an estimate on a borescope repair, please give us a call.