What to Consider When Buying a Snake Camera for Sewer Inspection

by | Jul 21, 2020 | News

Using a camera for sewer inspection is known as trenchless sewer line repair. The technique is much less damaging and invasive as compared to traditional methods.

Snake cameras can help fix sewer line problems in a cost-effective manner. They can also save a lot of your time in resolving major sewer line issues. These cameras allow the repair crew to quickly resolve sewer blockages and keep them flowing properly again.

 Here, we share some tips on how to select the best snake camera for sewer line inspection.

1. Light Source

The quality of the camera is the most important factor that you should consider when buying a snake camera. You need sufficient light to properly explore a sewer line. Bright illumination is required to capture high resolution images. Make sure to look for a snake camera with adjustable and bright LED lights.

2. Water-Proof Material

The material of the snake camera should be waterproof so that it can last long. Stainless steel material is suitable for commercial sewer line inspections. It is also resistant to corrosion due to exposure to moisture.

The best quality inspection cameras have Kevlar braided probes. Kevlar is five times stronger as compared to steel. But they are more expensive than probes with stainless steel material. Probes with KVC material is not recommended for heavy-duty inspections as they can get damaged easily during routine inspections. Most sewer camera probes are fabricated with fiberglass reinforced push rods.

3. Self-Leveling Pan Tilt

You may consider buying a camera with self-leveling and pan/tilt features. The camera features allow you to view the sewer pipeline from different angles. Your maintenance crew can tilt the camera to view the sides of the pipes and go around the corners, providing a clear picture of the sewer line. This feature will allow the crew to quickly detect problems in the sewer line.

4. Length of the Insertion Probe

The insertion probe of the snake camera should be long enough so that sewer lines can be inspected easily. The length of probes may vary, ranging from 20 to over meters. A reel camera is recommended for a more extended probe of the sewer line.

Hand-held snake cameras allow more portability as compared to reel cameras. But they have shorter length probes. Moreover, reel cameras offer more features as compared to hand-held types.

5. Record Time

Different types of cameras have different recording limits. Generally, 2 to 4 hours of recording time is best for sewer inspection. Therefore, buy a camera with a recording time that is adequate for your needs.

6. Radio Transmitter Sewer Camera Head

A camera with a radio transmitter is recommended for locating blockages. The radio transmitter is generally situated on the probe’s tip and can help locate the probe within the sewer line.    With the use of a sewer camera locator you can locate the camera head from above ground.   

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