What Is the Best Borescope for Automotive Inspections

by | Dec 7, 2020 | News

Borescopes are specialized tools used to inspect and examine confined spaces. Many manufacturers make borescopes designed specifically for the purpose of viewing internal parts of a car. If you are interested in purchasing one of these specialized tools, you may get overwhelmed by the large number of borescopes on the market.  Of course everyone is looking for the best borescope for their particular application.

This guide will go through the top automotive borescopes available and also discuss the criteria used in selecting the right one.

How to Choose an Automotive Borescope

Automotive borescopes are essentially endoscopes used in the inspection of internal components. Many auto mechanics keep a borescope on hand to check for internal damage or defects in your car engine.

To perform their job correctly, automotive borescopes need to be small, flexible, portable and provide high resolution photographs and videos.

Probe Size

The size of the probe on the borescope is important, as it needs to be large enough to facilitate a camera, but narrow enough to fit into a confined space. For example, Diesel engines have very small tubes, and can accommodate only borescopes that are 6mm or less in diameter.

Camera Resolution

Camera resolution is another important factor to consider when choosing a borescope. The camera on your borescope probe should be high resolution if you wish to see fine details in the images and videos it is capturing.


A good automotive borescope will feature an LCD screen that allows you to view images and videos through the camera in real-time. You should ensure that the LCD screen on your choice of borescope is large enough to meet your needs, without sacrificing the device’s portability.

Battery Life

Battery life is also incredibly important for borescopes. Recharging the battery on these devices can take a while, so it’s best to go for a model with a long battery life.

The Best Borescopes for Automotive Inspections

We looked through numerous borescopes available on the market and narrowed down our selection to these five choices.

The Best 3mm Borescope

Our choice for the best 3mm Borescope is the Articulating LED Videoscope from USA Borescopes. This device features a 2-way bending neck with a 130° articulation angle. The camera offers a 90° field of view and an advanced image sensor for enhanced picture quality.

Users can also connect this device to an external display to view a larger image through the camera. The probe tip can operate at temperatures between -13°F and 115°F and is waterproof. This borescope can also withstand exposure to oils and 5% saline liquids, which makes it great for automotive inspections.

The Best 4mm Borescope

If you are looking for a 4mm borescope for automotive inspections, the Explosive Environment 4mm Videoscope should be your first choice. This device is part of USA Borescope’s Videoscope XT Series and comes equipped with a whopping 5.0 inch display. Examine the interior of vehicle components using this large yet portable display.  Specifically designed for gas tank inspections and other fuel related tanks

This borescope offers at least 6 hours of operation time on a single charge, and comes with 32GB of storage capacity. Users can illuminate the tightest spaces using the built-in high power LED with adjustable brightness.

The camera offers 3.5x zoom and image annotation functions. This product is also ATEX certified, which means it can be used in hazardous or explosive environments. This model is available in 1.5 meter, 2 meter, and 3 meter working lengths.

The Best 6mm Borescope

The best 6mm borescope in our list is the X2000 Videoscope. This device features a 2 meter length probe, with joystick articulation.  Users will also notice the fantastic durability of the probe, which features stainless steel sheathing. The probe tip also features a touch screen and interchangeable side viewing tip.

The device includes a crisp 7 inch TFT LCD display crystal clear resolution. This borescope is powered by a rechargeable Li battery, and can be operated in rainy conditions. It is designed with a temperature sensor that will provide an on-screen warning if the probe is exposed to overheating environments.

This borescope also comes with a NTSC/PAL and AV OUT video connection. Users also have the option of storing recorded photos and videos on the 32GB SD card packaged with the device.

The Best 8mm Borescope

Our pick for the best 8mm borescope is the IRis DVR 5 8mm Videoscope. This 4-way articulation videoscope features a resilient probe made from tungsten. It features a clear 5 inch TFT Color display for live image and video. Users can save recordings on the SD card, which ranges from 4GB to 32GB in size.

The boroscope is powered by a changeable Li-ion battery, and can also be connected to a 12V adapter. The image control features include 3.5x zoom, horizontal and vertical image inversion, and adjustable color and contrast. The device features a built-in high-power LED with high transmission fiber optics. It comes packaged with a heavy duty carrying case for safe transportation.

The Best Economical Borescope

If you are looking for an affordable yet functional borescope for automotive inspections, the USAF300J-6 Economy Videoscope is a great choice. This 6mm videoscope features a 3 meter probe length with an interchangeable side viewing tip. The probe head is made from durable stainless steel, and the camera offers a 90° field of view.

Users can perform in-depth inspections, thanks to the borescope’s 640 x 480 resolution. It is incredibly lightweight, with the 1 meter model weighing only 640 g, while the 3 meter model weighs only 790 g. This option is among the most economical borescopes available.

As you can see, there are plenty of automobile borescopes available on the market.   Many Google searches will start with the words, cheap borescope, but make no mistake about it; many of this low-cost borescope will provide features that will exceed your expectations. Make sure to check the details for each of these models as they may not be suitable for all applications. A borescope can last for several years with the right usage and maintenance, so remember to pick a model that fits your present and future vehicular needs.