What Is the Best Borescope for Automotive Inspections

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Blog, News

Borescopes are specialized tools used to inspect and examine confined spaces. Many manufacturers make borescopes designed specifically for the purpose of viewing internal parts of a car. If you are interested in purchasing one of these specialized tools, you may get overwhelmed by the large number of borescopes on the market.

This guide will go through the best automotive borescopes available and also discuss the criteria used in selecting the right one.

How to Choose an Automotive Borescope

Automotive borescopes are essentially endoscopes used in the inspection of internal components. Many auto mechanics keep a borescope on hand to check for internal damage or defects in your car engine.

To perform their job correctly, automotive borescopes need to be small, flexible, portable and provide high resolution photographs and videos.

Probe Size

The size of the probe on the borescope is important, as it needs to be large enough to facilitate a camera, but narrow enough to fit into a confined space. For example, Diesel engines have very small tubes, and can accommodate only borescopes that are 6mm or less in diameter.

Camera Resolution

Camera resolution is another important factor when choosing a borescope. The camera on your borescope probe should be high resolution if you wish to see fine details in the images and videos it is capturing.   Most of the automotive maintenance borescopes will offer a CMOS image sensor.


A good automotive borescope will feature an LCD screen that allows you to view images and videos through the camera in real-time. You should ensure that the LCD screen on your choice of borescope is large enough to meet your needs, without sacrificing the device’s portability.

Battery Life

Battery life is also incredibly important for borescopes. Recharging the battery on these devices can take a while, so it’s best to go for a model with a long battery life.

The Best Borescopes For Automotive Inspections

We looked through numerous borescopes available on the market and narrowed down our selection to these five choices.

USAF300J-6 Economy Videoscope

This engine borescope is a simple yet reliable borescope that is great for automotive inspections. It is equipped with a 3.5mm camera which is handy for inspecting narrow engine components. It also features adjustable six LED lights to improve visibility in dark confined spaces.

The camera resolution is 640 x 480, with a focal range of 5cm – 8cm. The device is powered by 4 AA batteries, which should last over 6 hours on a fresh set of batteries.   This option eliminates down time while the system is having to charge batteries.

Its probe is rated as water and oil resistant. This borescope is ideal for conducting inspection in harsh automotive environments.

In addition the borescope system provides advanced features such as joystick articulation and an interchangeable side viewing tip.   Taking pictures and videos just takes a push of a button.


This digital industrial endoscope from  runs on AA batteries. It features a surprising clear CMOS camera that displays images and videos in real time on its 3.5 inch color display.

The camera probe is 6.0mm in diameter, which makes it useful for many automotive inspection applications. This camera also includes a special zoom function, to help you view tiny details up close. It is IP67 waterproof, which makes it great for numerous applications. Videos and images can be stored on the device’s TF card, which is expandable.

The probe also features adjustable LED lights and 2-way articulation.   

USAF300-4.9 – 4.9mm Dual View

This industrial endoscope comes with a massive 3.5 inch IPA screen. It uses anti-blur technology to ensure a clear picture from the camera.

The camera scope is 4.5 mm in diameter, and includes a special COMS technology chip to ensure uninterrupted video in clear resolution.   It also features a built in side view camera that allow you to view at right angles with the touch of a button.   If you don’t have the option for an articulating system then this dual camera car borescope may be the system for you.

This borescope is rated IP67 waterproof and is also corrosion resistant. It can operate at water depths up to one meter for 60 minutes. The device comes packaged with a tool box and an 8GB memory card.

USAF300-5.5 – 5.5mm Hyperion Videoscope

This digital inspection camera features a 3.5 inch high resolution full color LCD display. The screen has a 320 x 240 resolution, while its camera captures images and video with 640 x 480 resolution. Videos are recorded AVI format, and can be saved on a removable Micro SD card.

Users also have the option of directly streaming images or video to a separate display, such as a computer monitor.

This borescope runs on 4 AA batteries that can last up to 6 hours. This mechanic borescope also features an interchangeable side viewing tip that enable you to view an inspection area with a right angle view.  This is a threaded tip and it is important to not use any tools to tighten as the tip is designed to be hand tightened only.  Also, do not use any Loctite or adhesives on the tip.

USAVS2-4-1500 4mm X 1500mm 2-Way Articulating Videoscope

This 3.9mm Digital Inspection Camera is an affordable borescope for those that have frequent requirements for such an inspection device. It comes with a 4.5 inch full color LCD display with a 640 x 480 resolution. The camera has a horizontal viewing angle of 67 degrees and is equipped with four adjustable white LED lights.

Its probe diameter is 3.9mm, which makes it useful for many automotive applications. Both the camera and cable are rated IP67 waterproof. However, its display is not waterproof.

Its flexible cable is 150cm in length; with 2 way articulation.   This smaller diameter makes it more versatile than the larger 6 and 8 mm diameter videoscopes.  The bult in lithium ion battery will last  several hours before recharging.

As you can see, there are plenty of automobile borescopes available on the market. Make sure to check the details for each of these models as they may not be suitable for all applications. A borescope can last for several years with the right usage and maintenance, so remember to pick a model that fits your present and future vehicular needs.

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