What Is The Best Aviation Borescope?

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Blog

Simply put the best aviation borescope is the one that will perform all the task that you require as well as fit into your budget. Regardless, if you are a small operation or if you are working at a large repair station which supports various vessels, everyone wants the best borescope that they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, budget restraints may not let that happen. Let’s be honest, who among us would not like to be driving a brand new and decked out Mercedes S-class? We all would, right? But we all know that there are other vehicle options that can meet our requirements and fit into our budget. “People fall in love with borescopes they can’t afford, and many times really don’t need’, says Jonathan of USA Borescopes. Heated seats, heated mirrors and other fancy options on a car are very nice; but do you really need those to get to your destination? The same is true many times with your choice of borescope.

Borescopes are designed similarly regardless of manufacturer. The flexible borescope probe has a micro camera at the tip with a communication ribbon that electronically transmits the image onto a color screen. The probe diameter and probe length vary depending on your requirements, but most will have a steel braided exterior. Built-in lighting and image capture are now a standard feature on all borescopes.

The articulation is the first feature that you start to see a change in features. For example, here are some differing features to consider with articulation:

  1. 2-way borescope articulation
  2. 4-way borescope articulation
  3. Joystick borescope articulation
  4. Cable Guided borescope articulation
  5. Electronically assisted borescope articulation

The advanced features of joystick articulation and electronically assisted articulation will cost a bit more than the manual articulating borescopes. It is a very nice and comfortable feature to have and many borescope inspectors chose this option.

When it comes to choosing the Best Borescope for your application it is very important to make sure that it will perform as expected. So, when shopping around you should consider the following:

  • Borescope Features
    • Is the borescope probe small enough to enter the desired inspection areas?
    • Will the borescope provide ample lighting?
    • Is the probe length long enough to complete the inspection?
    • What is the camera resolution?
    • Is the probe length too long for my inspection?
    • Is the image quality of the borescope adequate for my inspection?
    • Is the borescope screen large enough for me?
    • Is this a waterproof borescope or water-resistant borescope?
  • Borescope Functions
    • Will the borescope articulation range be acceptable for my application?
    • Is the bending section of the borescope short enough for my application?
    • Does the system offer image zoom?
    • Is it easy to use?
    • How versatile is the borescope camera?
  • Brand Reputation
    • Is this a borescope manufacturer that I’m familiar with?
    • What do their on-line reviews look like?
    • How many ‘stars’ does this borescope supplier have?
    • What level of trust does this borescope supplier have?
    • How many reviews does this borescope supplier have?
  • Lead Time & Availability
    • How soon can I receive the borescope?
    • Is the borescope in stock or do I have to wait?
  • After Sales Support & Service
    • What is the warranty period?
    • How are warranty issues resolved?
    • How are service and repair issues handled?
    • What if I have questions on how to use the system?
    • How long are repair and replacement parts available?

Online shopping and the internet have changed everything with our shopping preferences and behaviors. There are many borescopes to choose from and there are many good ones. While you weigh out all the features, include how accessible answers to questions and concerns that you have. If you can’t reach the borescope supplier during the purchase process, you will most likely not be able to reach them after. With that being said, is it possible for you to get every single detail about the system from pictures and videos from a website? Probably not, but you should be able to get enough valuable purchasing information to make the decision on what the best borescope is for you and your application.

After taking time to read and digest through all of the features and functions of the different borescope cameras, it is clear that there are a lot of good options to consider. However, the Best Borescope option for you will vary depending on your individual requirements and preferences. But here at USA Borescopes we have great features and are highly rated by customers both on Google and Facebook. If you are looking for the best borescope camera for you and your organization, we invite you to test out our quality and fast response time. You can reach us by phone, email and on our website chat.