What Is An Industrial Borescope?

by | Nov 6, 2020 | News

Industrial borescopes are used to perform remote visual inspections (RVI) when a naked human eye is insufficient for checking out an inaccessible area.   

Borescopes are used in a wide range of applications, including power generation, automotive, sanitation, aerospace, aviation, metal casting, weaponry, and automotive production. Different industries rely on different designs and features for their remote visual inspection equipment. Over the years, the demand for industrial borescope has peaked due to intense competition around the globe.  So, what is an industrial borescope? Let’s find out.

What Is An Industrial Borescope?

An industrial borescope refers to an optical device that consists of a tube (flexible or rigid) with a lens on one end and eyepiece on the other end, where an optical system connects it.

The camera in an industrial borescope creates high-quality images without breaking the bank. The device also comes with lighting and visual systems. The lighting system entails an optical fiber that is used to illuminate the inside of the area. The visual system is often a rod, gradient, or lens optics that is fitted into an inner metal tube. The optical system transmits the image, which is then seen by the viewer’s eye.

Besides, a video camera is equipped with a borescope, so it can transmit images to a computer or display. There are four parameters that influence a borescope:

  • The length of the operating part
  • The diameter of the operating part
  • The angle of view
  • The angle of the observation direction

Keep in mind that once you expand the field of view, it can reduce the details in the image – you can either barely make out the picture in big sizes or see a lot in small sizes. The lenses will offer at least a 1.5 times magnification and when moved closer to the inspection area the image will appear larger. What makes the industrial borescope stand out from an ordinary borescope is its camera resolution of up to 25 lines per millimeter. 

A borescope is created to handle the work in scenarios when it is not feasible or possible to reach the inspection area. This is why an industrial borescope is widely used for visual inspection in combustion engines, steam turbines, industrial gas turbines, and aircraft engines. The performance evaluation and maintenance of cars and trucks also necessitate the use of an industrial borescope.

When the path between the area and the operator isn’t straight, a flexible borescope is needed. Generally, such a borescope is made of eyepiece lens, protective sheath, objective lens, fiber bundles, focus and diopter ring, a light source, and articulation controls.

The number of glass fibers in a flexible borescope can be as high as 40,000. There are two bundles of fibers in a flexible borescope: the first one is connected to the light source to illuminate the object under inspection, while the second one allows the image to be shown to the eyepiece. These bundles are protected by flexible stainless steel.

Borescopes containing a video processor, display, and probe can fall into either the flexible or rigid category. The probe’s tip consists of an electronic sensor through which the image is electronically transferred to the processor. Apart from creating video images, borescopes are good at producing still images too.

What Can You Do With an Industrial Borescope?

An industrial borescope can help with a wide range of applications. Some of them include the following:

Make Field Inspections

Borescopes are lightweight and small, making them ideal to take with you to the field and perform relevant examinations.

A portable borescope like this one lets you inspect, record, and analyze video of specific locations. Next, you can easily identify faults in no time while you can also use the cloud to save or share recordings with your team members, coming up with a suitable solution for a given problem. Don’t worry about the power source; internal batteries power these units.

Clean Your HVAC Systems

Were you careful with your HVAC maintenance? When your HVAC components like ventilation pipes and boiler suffer from an issue due to poor maintenance, an industrial borescope can assist with checking out the installations. This way, you can detect blockages, leaks, and other issues that can derail performance.

Preventative maintenance is useful as it removes clogs, allowing air to circulate better. As a result, your air conditioner is not forced to spend additional energy for overcompensating.

Besides, an industrial borescope empowers you to lubricate mechanical parts or replace gaskets so that you can extend the service life of your cooling and heating systems, saving considerable money in the long run.

Inspect Your Engine

A high-quality automotive borescope allows you to review the condition of the engine and other systems. Whether you are looking to perform routine inspections or want to locate the area that is causing a problem, an industrial borescope is your friend that can provide help with accessing areas that are hard to reach.

You can probe pistons and valves In order to look for leaks and damage. Look carefully to assess whether you are required to replace old gaskets. Tread carefully while inspecting seals and casting and avoid removing or disassembling the whole engine. Else, you may find later that all your hard work amounted to a futile effort.

An industrial borescope can be your ally that saves a significant amount of resources, time and money in particular. This way, you can identify issues on time and benefit from an opportunity to repair them before they can pose a serious threat and cause major failures. By doing this, you can replace expensive parts before any major damage occurs.

Support for Industrial Borescope

This is an essential consideration as, like any other industrial equipment, the borescope is vulnerable too. To obtain certified borescope repair support for your borescope and order the right spare parts, call us today. Discuss your concerns with our technicians and, if needed, buy a new borescope. We offer a wide range of borescopes for all kinds of businesses.