What Is A Sewer Inspection Camera?

by | Aug 20, 2020 | News

Borescope sewer inspection camera

What Is A Sewer Line Inspection Camera?

Sewer line issues can cause serious headaches. The right tools, however, can make a thorough inspection much easier. Sewer inspection cameras, also known as pipe inspection cameras, are special cameras attached to flexible cables for insertion into pipes. Tiny lenses capture video footage deep inside hard-to-reach spaces, highlighting cracks and clogs that might otherwise go unseen. Sewer inspection cameras are often used in the plumbing industry, and are instrumental in solving many common challenges faced by homeowners.

A sewer pipe crawler camera inspection system allows operators to catch a glimpse of what’s going on inside pipes lying deep below the surface. Rather than digging up the yard to uncover issues, users can deploy a pipe inspection camera to investigate. This helps homeowners avoid expensive repairs, since they can pinpoint the problem without destroying their property. The tiny sewer camera is attached to a snake-like cable that a plumber feeds through the pipes until they reach the source of the issue. A radio transmitter on the end of the push camera records the location of the device. This information is then combined to highlight what and where the problem is.

Who Uses Sewer Inspection Cameras?

Plumbers aren’t the one professionals who can benefit from a sewer inspection camera. In fact, anyone who handles regular inspections of hard-to-reach places can likely put these tools to good use. Engineers, contractors, municipal workers, home inspectors, and those working in the gas, oil, or manufacturing sectors may all rely on this technology. If you’re investigating areas that are difficult to see, a pipe inspection camera is a good investment. 

To understand which camera for sewer pipe inspection is right for your particular job, consider your goals. If you’re anticipating a lengthy inspection process, go for a lightweight tool with a comfortable grip. If you’re going deep underground and need to identify the precise location of an issue, a radio transmitter is a good idea. Are you inspecting a dark space? You’ll want to ensure your pipe inspection camera features bright LED lights to illuminate the area you’re filming.

Types of Sewer Inspection Cameras

Rigid pipe inspection cameras are some of the most popular tools on the market. The probe stays in position no matter where you insert it. This is useful if you’re inspecting a pipe that runs overhead; unlike more flexible versions, rigid pipe inspection cameras hold their shape and won’t have you fighting gravity while you inspect. On the other hand, flexible push camera systems can prove instrumental to inspections of pipes with lots of twists and turns. Snake-like cables allow operators to maneuver through tight spaces with ease. If maneuverability is vital to the task at hand, definitely invest in an articulating sewer inspection camera. You’ll be able to move the camera up, down, left, and right with the flick of the controller. 

General pipe inspection cameras come in all shapes and sizes. Some are simple, PVC-covered probes that are generally sturdy enough for most uses. Should you require something hardier, you may want to invest in a storm sewer inspection camera that leverages the latest technology for inspecting hazardous environments. Water- and chemical-proof probes make it simple to preserve your investment while tackling the toughest of jobs.

Sewer Inspection Accessories

Each pipe inspection camera comes with a monitor that shows off the video images captured by the probe. Depending on your priorities, a model with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities may be of interest. These options allow you to save and share the footage you’ve gathered, so you can easily review and verify findings. 

Lengthy cables also make it convenient to capture footage no matter how deep the issue might lie. For truly extended probes, you may even want to invest in a reel with a stand to roll the probe with ease. Guide tubes make it easy to lead your probe in any direction your investigation might require. 

Portable sewer inspection cameras are the ultimate resource for busy professionals constantly on the move. Lightweight and battery-operated, such devices are easily transported in handy carrying cases. Operators will still be treated to crystal clear images, high-intensity LEDs, and powerful visualization of the internal workings of the pipe – all at a fraction of the weight and size of a regular pipe inspection camera.

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