What Is An Articulating Borescope?

by | Oct 23, 2020 | News

Articulating Borescopes: What Are They?

Borescopes are optical tools used to conduct visual inspections of hard-to-reach spaces. A lens is attached to the tip of an insertion probe, allowing borescope users to view images through an eyepiece. Places otherwise impossible to see with the naked eye become instantly accessible. Articulating borescopes, which contain small probe tips that bend in different directions, can give operators even more control.

Articulating borescopes are used in many settings and industries. Since the tip of the scope can be carefully maneuvered in the operator’s preferred direction, an articulating borescope camera can prove instrumental to the inspection and diagnosis of a wide range of equipment issues. Professionals in the aviation, plumbing, manufacturing, and HVAC industries rely on such tools on a daily basis.

What are the types of Articulating Borescopes?

Before jumping into specifics, it helps to have a good working definition of the word articulating. Articulate, in this sense at least, means jointed – or consisting of segments united by joints. In a more practical sense, articulation is a feature that allows borescope operators to move the scope in a particular direction.

Articulating borescopes come in several varieties. One-way articulation allows users to bend the scope in one direction. Two-way articulation gives users the opportunity to bend to the left or to the right as needed. Four-way articulation offers even more flexibility, since the probe can be maneuvered up, down, to the left, or to the right. For total control over the head of the scope, joystick-style 360-degree articulation is key. Whether manual or driven by an electric motor, the steering for this kind of articulating borescope camera is incredibly versatile.

Regardless of which type of articulating borescope your project calls for, you’ll want to explore all of the available features. An articulating Wi-Fi borescope, for instance, makes it easy to save and share the footage you’ve captured over a wireless network. Bluetooth functionality also makes it simple to upload images to the cloud. Many articulating wireless video borescopes can even connect to your mobile device, allowing you to see what the scope captures on your phone.

Other Features of Articulating Borescope Cameras

Locator transmission features are another crucial component of articulating video borescopes. Borescopes with locator transmission capabilities allow you to precisely locate the head of your camera. When you’re inserting a borescope into a space that’s out of view of the human eye, it’s often hard to know exactly where your scope is located at a given time. That’s what makes locator transmission options so useful. Leverage the technology to guide your articulation through narrow chambers and tight corners.

When you’re navigating such a space, you may want to invest in lengthy cables for your flexible articulating borescope. Some versions can reach up to 30 meters in length, giving you the freedom to explore even the largest of internal spaces. Of course, shorter cables are available, too, allowing you to tailor your articulating head borescope to your precise needs.

Portable borescopes with articulating heads can also prove useful for workers on the go. They’re designed for quick inspection jobs on the road. Since they’re battery-powered, portable models allow operators to pick up their equipment and travel as needed. Ergonomic features make the device especially appealing for operators. Best of all, these models typically contain all the same great features as the full-sized versions.

How are Articulating Borescopes Used Professionally?

High-quality industrial articulating borescopes are used across a wide range of fields. Technicians in the aviation industry, for instance, rely upon these tools to conduct regular inspections of turbines, landing gear, airframes, and any other confined areas outside of view. Plumbing professionals use borescopes to diagnose clogged pipes for their clients without needing to dig up the entire yard in the process. Manufacturing technicians use articulating borescopes to inspect and repair machinery without having to disassemble the entire piece. There’s truly no limit to the things you can do with an articulating borescope.

From diesel engines to gas turbines, there’s no space too small or too out of reach for an articulating borescope. Given the often complex safety and maintenance requirements for such machinery, operators can’t be too careful when inspecting the internal workings. No matter what industry you work in, articulating borescopes can save you serious time and money. Since borescope inspections don’t require you to disassemble anything before starting, you can prevent lengthy shutdowns of equipment altogether.

Beyond merely checking the condition of internal parts, articulating borescopes can also prove instrumental to the technical auditing process. It’s always essential to note the state of components before and after purchases and contractor assessments – doing so is made much easier with an articulating borescope.

Find the right Articulating Borescope For Your Needs

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