What are the Pros and Limits of Sewer Inspection Cameras?

by | Jul 21, 2020 | News

Sewer line inspection typically involves digging pipeless. Traditional techniques to diagnose pipeline issues are generally messy and costly. Maintenance crews have to dig through concrete slabs and dirt above the sewage or drain pipe.

A special sewer line camera can be used to inspect pipe issues without any digging. The trenchless technique results in less cost and helps in quickly resolving sewer pipeline issues. But like any other device, there are certain limitations with the devices.

Pros of Sewer Line Inspection Cameras

Detect Lines Problems

Pipeline inspection devices can be used to locate issues within the sewer or drain line. The cameras have transmitters at the end that send a signal. The maintenance crew can use a signal receiver above the ground to know the location of the camera. In this way, they can pinpoint the blockage’s exact location and dig in to do the necessary repairs.

Know About Blockages

Blockages such as water, debris, or waste in the sewer pipelines can result in overflows. Using sewer inspection cameras, the maintenance crew can know about the location of the blockage. They can know about the obstacles that restrict flow inside the pipes.

Preventive Actions

Stone, trees, and other foreign objects often break and block the flow of the sewer. These objects often cause costly damage to the pipe. The maintenance crew can know about cracks that are caused due to the infiltration of the tree roots and other objects. They can perform preventive repairs to avoid costly damage to the plumbing.

Determine Pipe Types & Connections

Different pipe types require different repair techniques. Cast iron and PVC pipes require different repair procedures. With pipe inspection cameras, the maintenance personnel can view the fittings, tees, and other connection types. This allows them to perform appropriate repairs.

Retrieve Objects

A pipeline inspection camera can also be used to retrieve objects that may have drained down the pipes. The items such as watches, rings, and other precious items may accidentally get flushed down the toilet or sink.

Using the camera, the maintenance personnel can locate the object and retrieve them from the pipeline. High definition cameras allow the crew to know about the exact location of the objects stuck in the drain. This allows them to quickly retrieve the object from the pipeline.

Limitations of Sewer Inspection Cameras

Sewer inspection cameras work like an extended eye underground. But these cameras have certain limitations. The cameras can only work when the pipe is fully drained. These cameras are not waterproof. It is important to ensure that the pipe is drained before feeding the cameras through the line for inspection.

Another limitation of the pipe inspection cameras is that they can only detect cracks inside the pipe. The device cannot be used for detecting cracks outside the pipe.

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