USA Borescopes is selling a new HD pipe inspection camera with 360 degrees of pan and tilt and over 100 feet of working length

Sep 20, 2023

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Summary: The Wöhler VIS 500 will provide sewer inspectors with unprecedented insight into the state of the nation’s pipes and drains.


USA Borescopes, a leading supplier of sewer inspection equipment, is now selling a world-leading HD pipe inspection camera. The unit, dubbed the Wöhler VIS 500, will offer pan and tilt technology and more than 100 feet of usable length, making it among the most versatile field systems in the world.

“We’re thrilled to have the new Wöhler VIS 500 in stock and can’t wait to ship it out to our customers,” says Bill French, company sales specialist. “The new device will provide operatives with a high-definition view of pipe blockages from the surface, making their work substantially easier.”

According to USA Borescopes, the Wöhler VIS 500 will have a rechargeable battery pack and advanced image capture and recording technologies.

“Its easy-to-carry storage case can easily fit inside a service vehicle,” French says. “And the large seven-inch color screen makes identifying abnormalities easy. Documenting the inspection can be done with a push of a button.”

Among the most exciting features of the new Wohler Sewer Camera unit is the exchangeable camera head. Operatives can select from various fittings and choose the one that’s most appropriate for the situation.

Controlling the pan and tilt functionality is done via a keypad, ergonomically designed for easier use by inspectors. Real-time viewing enables operatives to see sewer and pipe blockages in 360 degrees, making blockage characterization more straightforward.

The above-ground monitor provides sharp and true-color imaging, meaning inspectors are less likely to misjudge blockages or make erroneous assumptions. Consequently, unblocking operations can proceed based on true-to-life video evidence.

“You can store images and videos in the camera’s large internal memory,” French reveals. “Or you can put everything on a USB stick and evaluate it back at base. The beauty of the Wöhler is that it gives you options. Bright LEDs illuminate dark pipes, and there are helpful skids to keep the camera safe while traveling underground.”

According to Wohler’s specifications, the battery life on the new unit is six hours. This provides crews with sufficient charge for all-day usage. It also comes with an in-head location transmitter, making detecting its position underground straightforward. Operatives can use real-time information to decide which techniques to use.

This compact sewer camera system with pan and tilt features is also available in a VIS 500 PLUS configuration that includes an interchangeable 1 inch straight view camera head.  This small sewer camera head provides the slim design with HD image quality to fit inside smaller pipes.   You now have 2 systems in one!   Ideal for pipe inspectors that have a wide range of pipes to inspect.

“We’re extremely excited to offer the Wöhler VIS 500 unit to our customers and expect it to be one of our most popular lines,” French claims. “Our team can’t wait to see our customers benefiting from it.”

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