Videoscope Features That Make Wind Turbine Maintenance Easier

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Blog, News

Wind turbines are one of the most efficient and environmentally-friendly ways of generating energy in the world. As of last year, there are over 58,000 wind turbines in the United States alone, and more are being built every year to generate more clean energy. However, it’s important to conduct frequent inspections and regular maintenance of wind turbines to ensure they run and generate energy efficiently.

Videoscopes are the most indispensable tool when it comes to wind turbine maintenance. Its features make it easy for the inspection team to check out the various components and complex parts of a turbine. The videoscope acts as an extension of the eyes and goes deeper into the machinery, which prevents the risk of damage that’s inherent if you take apart the turbine and put it back for every inspection.

Here are some of the key features you need to look for in a good videoscope for inspecting wind turbines:

High-Resolution Image Output

The first thing you need to look for in a good videoscope to inspect the wind turbine gearbox is high image quality. You’ll be inspecting small components and machinery, and having high-resolution image output will help you identify possible issues easily. Videoscopes with high-resolution images enhance dark areas making them easier to see and reduce any glare when looking at bright objects.

Interchangeable Scopes with Different Diameters

Another key factor of videoscopes for wind turbine borescope inspection is interchangeable scopes. The gearbox has various areas and components with different scopes in between, which means you need to have scopes or varying diameters such as 4mm, 6mm, or 8mm to navigate the spaces without getting stuck in a particular area.

Oil Clearing Scope Tip & Responsive Articulation

Gearbox borescope inspections in wind turbines are often sticky and full of oil, which makes the images blurry and difficult to focus if the oil gets on the videoscope lens. Experts suggest looking for a videoscope with an oil clearing scope tip that draws excess oil away from the lens, resulting in a clearer image. You should also look for a responsive articulation feature to help you maneuver the videoscope easily through tight spaces in the gearbox.

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