Using Articulating Borescopes for Boiler Tubes and Heat Exchangers

by | Jan 20, 2021 | News

The boiler tubes and heat exchangers are used extensively in numerous industries to transfer heat between two or more fluids. The operations of these equipment largely depend on their condition and health, which deteriorates over time due to stress applied during the operations. Due to the inherent nature of operations, wear and tear are unavoidable, but measures can be taken to address the impact and ensure it doesn’t affect the operations.

Articulating borescopes are the most popular equipment used to evaluate the condition of boiler tubes and heat exchangers. These inspections are made routinely by professionals to identify issues and address them timely to prevent them from exacerbating into larger problems. Let’s find out what are boiler borescopes and how using them can benefit boiler tubes and heat exchangers:

What are articulating borescopes?

Articulating borescopes are inspection equipment designed to provide vision to areas and spaces that cannot be reached or seen using a regular camera. These handheld unit are equipped with an articulating camera tip. The insertion tube or long probe with extra maneuverability allows the articulating borescopes to reach deeper into curved and tight areas, making them an ideal choice to inspect boiler tubes and heat exchangers.

Avoid catastrophic system failure

An articulating borescope enables thorough inspection of these systems and identifies problems. Timely identification of potential issues can help prevent catastrophic system failure, which can lead to expensive downtime and repairs, hampering productivity and costing extra money. Here are some common problems identified during the inspection:


Cracks are one of the common issues that occur in boiler tubes and heat exchangers that are caused due to intense heat. In many cases, severe heating can lead to equipment failure, which can lead to a hazardous situation. A regular inspection via articulating boroscope can result in timely identify and repair of any cracks present in the equipment.

Line Erosion

High-velocity currents and water steam can result in erosion in the lines, especially around the bends in the boiler tubes and heat exchangers. The eroded lines are prone to failure and can cause lead to downtime. Use an articulating borescope allows timely inspection of every corner of the equipment to prevent these kinds of failures.

Final words

Take a proactive approach toward the maintenance of your boiler tubes and heat exchangers to avoid costly repairs and replacements. Most problems in the system can be fixed quickly when identified timely. Therefore, use a high-quality articulating borescope to perform routine inspections to save your business’s valuable time and money.

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