USAVS 2-4-1500 Portable Videoscope

by | Jan 6, 2017 | News

How can you tell which of these tools are right for your application? Much of the borescopes are going to be specifically sold for whatever industry they were made for. For example, the aviation/aerospace scope has the attachments and components necessary to complete the inspections of aircraft engines. The features frequently used for the inspection of long and narrow pipes will be included in the gas/pipe inspection. Industrial scopes are usually sold for a variety of applications within the flexible and portable technology.

The usefulness of these scopes is apparent if you need to look around tight corners, along the length of gas pipes or on the inside of an engine. You’ll be able to inspect the integrity of engines, check out the condition of airframes, and look for foreign object damage with the optical device. The scopes will be the perfect fit for all those jobs that require you to check into places that you can’t actually enter.

A borescope camera is an effortless way to make aircraft inspections go a lot more quickly. For lots more information on USA Borescopes, pay a visit to our home site,

One of our most popular units that is being used in various industries is our USAVs 2-4-1500 Portable Videoscope.   This portable videoscope offers a 4mm diameter probe with 1500 mm of working length and 2-wayarticulation.  The system has on board capabilities to capture images and videos via the built in SD card port.   In addition to a high resolution CMOS image sensor the system offers adjustable led lighting.    Compare our price, quality and our superior warranty to the: PVRS Borescope, PVRS Videoscope,  PV2 borescopes, PV4 borescope, PBD2 borescope, PVS borescope and the stated Certified Non Incendiary Scopes.  In addition, you can also compare this portable videoscope to the stated PWC34910-108 borescope kit, PWC34910-108-Revision 1, PWC34910-109 and the PWC34910-108 Rev 1.

This 4mm videoscope comes standard with 1500 mm of working length but we also have in stock this system with 3 meters of working length.  If you prefer to have a portable videoscope with 4-way articulation, this system is available in this configuration as well.   As the 4mm is mostly used as an Aviation borescope, airplane borescope, helicopter engine borescope or other aerospace borescope it is commonly purchased by aviation mechanics for inspections.   In addition, it is used as a turbine borescope as this is normally classified as an aerospace borescope inspection.  However, this system is used as a casting borescope, machining borescope, engineering borescope and the like.

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