Tips for Selecting a Reliable Videoscope for Aircraft Turbine Engine Inspection

by | Jul 2, 2020 | News

Videoscopes are used to perform visual inspections of the internal components of turbine engines. The device provides vital information on hard-to-reach areas of the engine. One can gain access to it by inserting the scope through the air inlet, igniter port, and specially designed access hatch for the borescope.

Choosing a reliable commercial videoscope is important for proper inspection of an aircraft engine. Here are some of the important things that need to be considered when selecting an imaging device for aircraft turbine engine inspection.

1. Quality of the Product

The quality parameter is important when buying a videoscope for aircraft engine inspection. Borescopes differ in terms of quality and performance

You need to make sure that the brand has the core features required for professional inspection of the turbine engine. Poor quality brands don’t meet the manufacturer’s requirements, or adapt to the environment, and lack the features that allow detailed inspection of the internal engine parts.

2. Direction of View (DOV)

Viewing angle or direction of view (DOV) of the videoscope is also an important consideration when buying one for turbine engine maintenance. The viewing angle refers to the view of the scope relative to the view of the longitudinal line through the tube.

A device with a straight-ahead scope has a DOV of 0 degrees. The scope that provides a view to the side of the tube has a DOV of 90 degrees. Scopes with 90-degree angle scopes are better in inspecting narrow cavities. They allow the crew to inspect the engine with greater detail as compared to a scope with a DOV of 0 degrees.

3. Field of View (FOV)

Field of view (FOV) is another important consideration when selecting a videoscope for engine inspection. It can be thought of as a cone that extends beyond the tube’s tips. A scope with a FOV of 30 degrees can generate narrowly focused pictures. In contrast, a scope with 120 degrees FOV can provide broader but less magnified pictures.

Selecting a scope depends on the distance of the object to be inspected from the tube’s tips Greater distance require a scope with a lower FOV and vice versa.

4. Portability

The portability of your videoscope is important when the inspection is carried out at different locations. In this respect, it is important to determine how long the battery will need to be charged. Find out if the device comes with an extra battery. Moreover, you also need to know how long the device will last after a charge. All these considerations are important to ensure that the maintenance crew is able to do the task efficiently without any problems.

5. Dimensions of Probe

The dimension of the probe is another critical consideration when buying a videoscope for turbine engine inspection. You need to buy a device with small diameter probes to access the gearboxes of the turbine. The probe should easily fit inside the inspection hole of the turbine engine.

Probe length should also be factored when selecting a device for aircraft turbine inspection. The length should be sufficient enough to perform a complete inspection of the engine.

The above are the major considerations when buying a videoscope for aircraft engine maintenance. Contact USA Borescopes for the best quality inspection device for aircraft inspection. We have a range of imaging devices with diverse functions and use. If you have any questions on selecting the right borescope for your application you can reach us at 931-362-3304.

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