The Wohler VIS 350 Introduces Precision in Ability to Locate Damage Correctly

by | Jul 13, 2020 | News

The Wohler VIS 350 is a Compact Camera That has Everything You Need to Make Inspection of Waste Water Pipes Possible

Inspecting waste water pipes from the inside can be challenging but the Wohler VIS 350 makes it easier. Not only is it equipped with tools that make it possible to inspect waste water pipes, it can also be used for the inspection of ventilation lines, industrial systems as well as flue gas systems.

A spokesperson further explained, “VIS 350 applications are virtually limitless and include uses such as for drains and pipes problems location and identification, such as blockages, leakages or tree roots; inspection and cleaning pipes in swimming pools; before and after pipe relining; preventative maintenance of pipes, drains and sewer mainlines and many more.”

The best part is that the Wohler VIS 350 introduces a degree of precision and that makes it possible to accurately pinpoint damage and document it as well. The camera is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including a camera head that can easily tilt up to 180o or even pan at 360o as needed.

This makes it easier to use it in cramped spaces and makes sure that all areas of the pipe are visible. It also has a push rod that is 100 ft. and is compatible with the camera head. The optic system features German engineering that makes it possible to get crisp, clear images even when used in low visibility areas.

The complete VIS 350-camera system comes with a 7-inch LCD screen as well as footage counter. This monitor is detachable, has an intuitive control panel and supports color visuals. The system also supports recordings by offering a one-touch straight to a 4 GB USB SD card storage system for all the data.

The Wohler VIS 350 also comes with two different camera heads, which are interchangeable. The first one is 1 inch and offers a straight view, whereas the second is 1.5 inches and can tilt and pan as needed. The detachable option is generally favored because of the flexibility it offers in usage.

“With the new Wohler VIS 350 sewer camera, professionals such as professional plumbers not only have everything; they need to complete drain and sewer inspections, flue gas and ventilation lines as well as industrial systems. The drain and sewer inspection camera comes with a very wide viewing angle. Moreover, one can easily view high-definition live images on the TFT LCD color monitor. This allows one to see the damages clearer and faster for better inspection,” the spokesperson said.

This system is available in the VIS350, VIS350D, VIS 350 Plus and the VIS 350 Plus L .   Click here for more details.

If you would like these similar features with remote focusing capabilities please check out the VIS 700 Inspection Camera.

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