The PIVS3188DN Manual Push Inspection Videoscope Gives Quality Results for Plumbing Professionals

by | Aug 11, 2020 | News

The 1 Inch Manual Push Inspection Videoscope System is Compact and Delivers High Quality Results for Professional Sewer Inspections

For professional plumbers who are looking for an affordable yet high quality video inspection system, the PIVS3188DN manual push inspection videoscope is the best option. It’s compact and high quality in results and can be used for sewer inspections, pipes, drains and ducts without any issues.

The PIVS3188DN manual push inspection videoscope system is portable and lightweight which adds to its usability. It comes equipped with a 7 inch TFT color LCD screen which provides visual clarity. The push camera is 6 inches in length, CCD, color capable and compatible with 8 different LED lights.  Packaged in a water proof case, the system is a must-have for any plumbing professional.

The diameter of the camera tip is 1 inch and it is compatible with an insertion probe that is 100 feet long. The head of the video camera also has a spring coiled joint for flexibility, with a sapphire glass lens cover that is resistant to scratches. The monitor has remote control features that allows you to take videos with a push of a button.

The best part is that the standard cable length that it comes with is 30 meters and an additional 40 meters can be added to this length. It is also coated in durable PVC fiberglass and is waterproof in nature. The cable can also be reeled in and stored conveniently in the heavy duty case of the Pipe Snake System.

The PIVS3188DN manual snake camera records videos in AVI format and has a digital recorder that is built-in the system. The system can effectively be used with different probes:

6 mm micro inspection camera for pipes

12 mm small inspection camera for pipe

13 mm push inspection camera – with flexible push rod

40 mm system for inspection camera for long pipes

Additionally, the PIVS3188DN manual cheap sewer camera is retailing at a very affordable price as compared to other inspection systems. It definitely falls within the budget of most professionals and has high quality features that make it a must-have for them.   Although many would consider the PIVS3188DN a low cost sewer camera the image clarity and performance is just what most plumbers want when performing their sewer inspections.

There are some optional items available with the 3188DN pipe camera such as a transmitting camera head and supporting locator.

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