The Opticam Modular Sewer Inspection Camera Offers Portability and Affordability to Plumbing Professionals

by | Aug 7, 2020 | News

Opticam Model
The Opticam Modular Sewer Inspection Camera is an Affordable and Extremely Portable Camera System That Can Meet the Needs of Many Professionals

Portable camera systems are in high demand among professionals who have to do onsite inspections of plumbing systems. In such cases transporting the camera system to and from the site as well as finding an electrical supply for it can be a challenge. Luckily, the Opticam Modular Sewer Inspection Camera system is here to change this aspect.  Full-featured, Contractor-Grade Sewer Camera for Professional Line Inspections.

This camera system is made specifically for contractors, municipalities and plumbers to run inspections and accurately repair any damage to the infrastructure underground. This system is also not just effective it is also affordable and can be used with drains and pipes of various sizes, ranging from 2 inches to 12 inches.   This made in USA sewer camera is standard with 200 feet and is available with up to 400 feet.

The best part about the Opticam Modular Sewer Inspection Camera system is that the affordable price tag does not mean that you have to forgo quality features. It has everything you could need including a built-in 512 Hz sonde cord an onscreen text-writer and onscreen distance counter as well as a microphone, speakers and a self-leveling camera head that is 1.3 inches. Pipe Inspection Locator sold separately.

The Opticam Modular Sewer Inspection Camera system also has a 10 inch LCD screen that provides enhanced picture quality. It also comes with a free Wi-Fi app making it possible to stream the results wirelessly to any Apple or Android devices. Recording of the video footage can also be done on USB and the camera system can also support anywhere from 8 GB up to 120 GB of internal memory.

The system also supports add-on functions for memory, visibility and frequency locators. It also comes with a fiberglass 47 inch wire which is optimized for better bends and turns. With this pipe camera diameter, it gives better clarity and makes it easy to have the best quality and clarity.

The Opticam is a made in America sewer camera and has been providing world class performance to pipe inspection professionals for years.

The Opticam Modular Sewer Inspection Camera system is the perfect choice for professionals who want a portable device for on-site inspections. Based on the optional add-ons you want the price can vary for you but it is the most affordable and professional quality camera system.

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