The MinCord Mini13 Portable Visual Inspection System Is the Best Option for Non-Destructive Pipe Inspection

by | Jul 13, 2020 | News

The MinCord Mini13 is a Portable and Color Visual System, Which Makes Non-Destructive Pipe Inspection Possible for Professionals

[Revised October 2021]– MinCord is a renowned brand that is known for their quality cameras and visual inspection systems that are applicable to a large number of industries for the non-destructive inspection of cavities, turbines, welding seams, pipes, cast parts and hollow girder and more.

The MinCord Mini13 is a portable visual inspection system that can easily be used to detect the presence of any abrasions, deformations and bonded deposits that are situated, in elbowed pipes, narrow pipes as well as places that are hard to reach, non-approachable or even dangerous.

The color option means that even in poorly lit locations, you will not face any loss of visual clarity. The system is designed to not only detect damage but also store all data, regardless of whether it is a picture or a video and can be stored to the SD card. The camera system has a camera head that comes at 13mm in diameter.

The MinCord Mini13 makes use of the renowned snake inspection camera system. This system combines normal resolutions and combines with the capabilities of the sewer scope camera. This ensures that you are able to get a 320k pixel resolution and 30k pixel. This ensures that you are able to get clarity and visibility in the results you see.

A spokesperson talked about the usability of the camera by stating, “This mini-camera-system is ideal and designed for architects, construction engineers, reviewers, plumbers, caretakers and controllers for maintenance, for quality control and expertise. With the help of this mini-camera system, you can detect firmly bonded deposits, abrasions and deformations in narrow, elbowed, hard approachable and dangerous not illuminated locations without cost intensive disassembling the parts.

Now the system is available in the NEW Mincord V system. Small and compact: Our minCord cameras are designed to reach even the most difficult-to-reach places. The non-destructively inspection enables you to inspect even the tightest spaces and saving costly disassembles. Tubes, cavities, welding seams, turbines, hollow profiles and castings: The camera head with only 13mm diameter inspects these easily. At the same time, the cameras are so robust that they can easily withstand the harsh field conditions. In this way you locate all surface damages, cracks, sediments and deteriorations with minimal effort.

The New features for the Mincord 5 are numerous including the new LCD color screen that does not rotate when you pull the push rod out from your sewer camera.   The new system offers 15 meters of working length and the purpose of having the shorter length push rod is twofold;  for one reason for most applications customers could not enter the pipe inspection camera more than 50 feet and the other reason is that it has allowed to keep our cost low and continue to offer our customers an affordable sewer camera.

The Micord 5 also comes standard with transmitting camera head.  The pipe camera transmits the signal frequency in (33 kHz / 512 Hz / 640 Hz) and for many pipe inspections professionals they already own a sewer camera locator but if not we have a few quality sonde locator to choose from.  If fact, we can offer you a complete inspection camera with locator if required.  And of course the most common use for inspection cameras with a transmitting head is for identifying damages inside an underground pipe  especially when it comes to sewer cameras and that is why many of our customer are searching for a sewer camera with locator.

The Mincord 5 also offers a larger 5 inch non glare color screen.  In addition, the advance sewer camera offers an on-screen digital meter counter.  Of course the inspection camera system offers a time and date stamp for captured images and videos.  The time and date stamp are easily changed with a few pushes of button on the control station.  The system offers a built in rechargeable battery pack that is designed to operate 5 or more hours on a full charge.  Of course most of your pipe inspections, drain inspections and sewer camera inspections will not take 5 or more hours to complete but we wanted to make sure that we provide the best user experience as possible.   The compact system will arrive in a custom fitted storage case and it’s best to keep your inspection camera system out of the elements as well as long duration exposure to sunlight.

Confident performance and robust execution of your pipe inspection did not change with the new Mincord V portable inspection camera.

The Mincord V for many is not considered an ‘economy inspection camera’ as there are systems that offer a larger diameter inspection camera head than the Mincord 5.   If you are in the market for the best cheap sewer camera there are systems with a lower price tag and less features and functions such as the PIVS 3188DN.  However, you will give up the smaller diameter as well as other convenient  features.

There are a number of options to consider when moving forward with the purchase of your inspection camera and perhaps a small diameter push camera is not what your application requires.  If you’re looking for a system that offers a larger diameter camera head you can consider,  the VIS350 Plus or the Mincam MC360 with Pan & tilt features.