The Best Borescope Accessories in the Plumbing Industry

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Blog, News

The best borescope accessories can optimize your pipe inspection camera. Use this helpful guide to determine  which ones are right for you.

In the plumbing industry, a number of different borescope accessories can modify your pipe inspection camera and make them better able to pinpoint and diagnose problem areas.

Pipe Inspection Cameras: The Basics

Before we get into the best borescope accessories used by the plumbing industry, let’s cover the basics of pipe snake cameras.

A pipe inspection camera is a borescope used in the plumbing industry to inspect pipes and sewer lines for damage. This allows the operator to diagnose malfunctioning pipes without having to excavate plumbing and sewer systems. These borescopes consist of a high-resolution camera which is attached to the end of a rigid insertion tube or flexible cable. According to Plumber Magazine, it’s crucial to ask yourself, “What kinds of lines are you inspecting?”

When performing straightforward, close-range inspections, such as on sinks, toilets, or exposed pipes, a rigid inspection camera should suffice. If you’re inspecting complex pipelines, opt for an inspection tool with flexible cables. No matter the job, there’s a pipe inspection camera for you.

The Plumbing Industry’s Best Borescope Accessories

Now that you know a little more about pipe inspection cameras, let’s get into our picks for the top borescope accessories in the plumbing industry.

Pipe Inspection Cameras: Self-Leveling Camera

Most pipe inspection cameras are equipped with fixed cameras. This means that if you rotate your camera, the image on your monitor will rotate as well. This makes deciphering inspection footage even more difficult.

If you’re in the plumbing industry, consider a self-leveling camera. No matter the angle at which your inspection tool is tilted, a self-leveling camera will automatically adjust to an upright position. This feature is especially useful when there isn’t any visible liquid or debris that can be used to locate the bottom of the pipe. If you examine pipes with a lot of twists and turns, this is the borescope accessory for you. With a self-leveling camera, you can be confident your camera is upright even while maneuvering through complicated pipelines. Clear, straightforward inspection footage also makes it easier to explain the diagnosis to your client.

Pipe Inspection: Sewer Camera Locator

A pipe inspection camera makes it easy for plumbing industry professionals to remotely diagnose damaged pipes and sewer lines. But when your borescope is deep underground, pinpointing that damage from above ground is a challenge in itself. Even worse, failure to excavate the portion that needs repair is costly and time consuming. At USA Borescopes, we recommend investing in a sewer camera locator. Even when inspecting pipes and sewer systems several hundred feet long, you can pinpoint damage in a pinch with a camera locator.

These tools are a breeze to use. When operating a camera locator, according to The Seattle Times, “if a problem is spotted, the technician stops the camera and marks the location of the problem on the ground above the pipe. This involves using a locator with radio signals that beep faster and higher as they near the camera.” From there, the operator can mark the problem area with spray paint.

If you conduct extensive inspections of complicated pipelines, this borescope accessory is a must for your pipe inspection camera. Invest in a sewer camera locator and you’ll save time and money.

Borescope Accessory: Gas Monitor Device

This borescope accessory, used to monitor for toxic gas during a sewer inspection, is one of the most important. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Gas leaks, by their nature, are often hard to pinpoint. They’re invisible and can dissipate quickly. However, relatively low levels in confined spaces can create explosion hazards.”

Pressurized gases, like methane and hydrogen sulfide, can accumulate in sewer systems. When a sewer lid is removed for inspection, these gases dissipate and become deadly when ingested. If these gases come in contact with a flame, such as cigarette lighter, an explosion can occur.  The P374 Camera is a wise choice for these types of inspections as the system is certified for these types of environments.

Toxic gas is a silent killer. Gas monitoring devices can save lives. If you’re in the plumbing industry, avoid tragic accidents by ensuring all pipe inspection cameras are equipped with gas monitoring devices. 

What To Remember When Buying A Pipe Inspection Camera

There are many different types of pipe inspection cameras to choose from, and when you take into account the borescope accessories available, there are even more.

At USA Borescopes, we recommend our customers in the plumbing industry invest in a push camera that offers a large field of vision and minimal optical distortion. Proper lighting is clearly a must when examining pipes, so make sure your pipe inspection camera is equipped with sufficient lighting and battery power to get you through long inspections. Most importantly, consider the size of the pipes you will be inspecting and choose a device with a small enough diameter to suit any inspection.

Contact Us For Borescope Accessories

With the right borescopes accessories, you can optimize your pipe inspection camera. While some of these accessories are a nice-to-have, others, like the gas monitoring device, are a must for plumbing industry professionals. If you need help finding the best borescope accessories for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our staff of seasoned technicians is happy to walk you through our borescope accessories and answer any questions about pipe inspection cameras.