The Benefits of having a Sewer Camera Locator

by | Jul 22, 2020 | News

One of the benefits of visual remote sewer pipe or other underground process pipe inspections is being able to see the problems, so you know exactly what to expect when going in to clean, repair or replace something. Underground waste and process pipes are susceptible to leaks and roots causing problems in hard to access point along the path. One common problem with traditional pipe inspection equipment is while you can visualize the problem inside the pipe, it can be challenging to locate the exact spot above ground where the camera head is in the pipe below.  To help reduce the amount of time, effort and labor to locate the issue that was found inside the pipe you can utilize a sewer camera locator.   These camera location devices work similar to a metal detector above ground with the exception that the camera head below ground and in the pipe is also sending a signal.

Whether you’re an experienced sewer camera professional or a first-time user, you can quickly locate inspection cameras below ground with the pipe inspection locator.   Most all of the systems are portable and powered by disposable or rechargeable batteries.   Most snake camera locators can work in depths of up to 10 feet in organic material such as dirt, mulch or other organic debris.   Each sewer camera locator will give an audible as well as visual indicator as you getting closer to the transmitting sonde of the pipe snake camera.   The standard sewer camera locators will show location and many of the more advanced locators will also display depth.

A point to make with the pipe inspection locator is to make sure that you sewer camera actually offers a transmitting camera head.  Just because you have a sewer camera locator in hand it will do you no good if you do not have a supporting transmitting sewer camera head.   In addition, make sure that both the sewer camera locator and the sewer camera with transmitting camera head have the same frequency.   For example, 512Hz is the most common frequency but there are some manufacturers that transmit on an alternate frequency and if you do not have sewer camera equipment that will communicate together, it will be of no value to you.

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