SRV-J-4-1500 Joystick Videoscope

Jun 20, 2023

USA Borescopes is announcing the release of the new Surveyor HD Videoscope.

The SRV-J-4-1500 borescope allow maintenance professionals to perform required FAA engine inspections without have the costly time investment of breaking an engine down. The slim 3.9mm diameter borescope easily fits into the Pratt & Whitney and Turbomeca (Safran Helicopter Engines) borescope guide tubes.

If a component is “On-Condition” or “OC” then it means that there are specific tasks associated with the component. It may be a function of the component itself or the system the component forms a part of while installed on the aircraft. Turbine blades fall into that category. A business jet engine turbine blade is the individual component that makes up the turbine section of an aircraft engine. The turbine blades are exposed to the harshest environment in terms of pressure and temperature, while rotating at extremely high speed.

The test will typically have a requirement that the component passes to remain in service, or even a physical inspection to determine serviceability of the component. This is aimed at preventing component failure “on wing” and removing the component before it fails. That is a very important reason that you have a borescope that will provide clear and crisp imaging of this critical engine inspection. The SRV joystick videoscope provides aviation borescope professionals a cost effect device to perform these inspections.

On board picture taking and videorecording is performed with the touch of a button and stored onto a removable SD card. The slim 3.9mm diameter will easily negotiate countless aviation and aerospace inspection requirements. The responsive cable guided articulation allows you steer the borescope probe tip in all directions to get a full view of your inspection area.

Although this system offers a very low initial cost of investment when compared to other borescopes in the industry, many chose to just rent a borescope. If you need it fast borescope rental fast, in most cases we can overnight the system. A borescope rental near me is just a FedEx or UPS stop away on the very next day!

If you have any questions on our new Surveyor Borescope or any of our high quality borescopes, please call us at 931-362-3304 or email us at