Sewer Inspection 101: How to Use a Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera?

by | Jul 21, 2020 | News

Drain inspection cameras offer great convenience to your maintenance crew in carrying out the required repairs. The cameras are used in different industries, including plumbing. A pipe inspection camera allows the sewer line repair crew to view hard-to-reach areas.

Using a pipe inspection camera helps save a lot of effort and cost in detecting issues with the drain or sewer pipes. Here, you will learn about the exact process involved in sewer line inspection using a pipeline camera.

Pipe Inspection Camera: How It Works?

A pipe inspection camera allows technicians to know the status of the pipes. The technicians insert a cable with a camera at the end of the sewer or pipeline opening. The camera of the pipe inspection device is similar to the smartphone camera that attaches to a flexible and long metal cable.

Technicians control the camera remotely using motors inside the camera cable. The cable is pushed inside the pipeline as it unspools from a long coil.

The cable is connected with the motors that control the movement of the camera. It is also connected to a close-circuit display that projects the images taken by the camera. Powerful lights attached to the camera illuminate area inside the pipe, allowing users to see details of the pipe as the camera threads through the pipe. The camera provides a real-time image of the inside of the pipe that can help the maintenance personnel diagnose problems.

What is a Pipe Inspection Camera Used for?

A pipe inspection camera is used to find out issues inside the commercial or residential pipe. It saves time and cost involved in digging the floor to detect problems. Pipe inspection cameras can be used in different situations. The camera can be used when the pipe opening is large enough to spool the equipment through it to locate issues.

Using a pipe inspection camera allows the maintenance personnel to visually look for cracks, corrosion, blockages, and other problems. Once the required problems are detected, the pipe repair technicians can repair it using appropriate methods. Sewer inspection cameras allow the technicians to diagnose the issue and proceed accordingly.

Final Remarks

Pipe inspection cameras can help in the repair of sewer or drain lines. They help in detecting the exact issue inside the pipeline. Using a pipe inspection device will prevent the digging of the lawn thereby saving a lot of time and effort involved in detecting issues.

A sewer line inspection camera can be snaked through the pipe to find out issues, including blockages, cracks, and root infiltration.

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