Self Leveling vs. Pan & Tilt Camera Heads: Which is the Best for Sewer Inspection?

by | Jul 21, 2020 | News

Pipe sewer inspection cameras can help you save time and effort diagnosing sewer problems. The cameras available for sewer line inspection boasts of different features. Here, we compare self-leveling and pan & tilt (PT) cameras.

After reading this option, you will know the difference between the two types of pipe inspection cameras. You will have an easier time selecting the right camera for sewer pipe inspection.

Self-leveling Cameras

Self-leveling cameras are a feature of pipeline cameras that deliver upright pictures at all times. The cameras will automatically level when taking pictures due to which the images will appear upright. It will automatically level itself, irrespective of the angle at which the device is tilted.

Self-leveling cameras are an important part of trenchless pipe repair. The circular motion of the pipes creates difficulty in taking images of the pipes. It is difficult to keep the camera in an upright position inside the pipe. Using self-leveling cameras allows plumbing repair professionals to get an upright, clear image inside the pipe.

Pan & Tilt (PT) Cameras

Cameras with PT technology can cover a broad area inside the pipe. The pan feature moves the camera along a horizontal plane. The feature is generally seen in panoramic cityscapes that captures more information as compared to a traditional camera.

The horizontal camera movement allows the repair crew gets maximum visibility of the camera. It involves movement of the camera in the left or right position with the base fixated on a particular point. The camera does not move; only the direction of the camera changes. You can think of the pan feature as a person remaining fixed while moving the head sideways.

Tilt involves the vertical movement of the camera. This feature provides a focused shot when the camera is moving. Similar to the pan movement, the camera remains fixed but rotates up and down in a vertical plane. You can think of the tilt feature as a person remaining fixed while moving the head up and down.

Pan and tilt features combine to provide a panoramic view of the pipe. It allows the maintenance crew to visually inspect the pipe to look for leaks and cracks.

Which Camera is Better for Sewer Line Inspection?

Self-leveling cameras and PT cameras have unique features that make them preferable in certain situations. Self-leveling cameras are best for inspecting pipes with lots of sharp turns. It ensures that when the camera turns through the corners, the image will appear upright.

PT cameras are suitable for inspecting large sewer pipes. The features allow the maintenance personnel to get a panoramic view of the pipe’s interior. This helps in the identification of issues inside the pipe.

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