P&W Portable Video Borescope Inspection Kit is the Best Option for an Aviation Borescope

by | Aug 25, 2020 | News

The P&W Portable Video Borescope Inspection Kit is Small, Portable and an Amazing Option for Professionals to Use as an Aircraft Engine Borescope or Even for Automotive Engine Inspections

Borescope inspection systems are popularly used in various industries because they are so small, multi-purpose and can help identify crucial errors.   Especially in the aviation industry, borescope kits are widely used for helicopter maintenance, aircraft engine checkup as well as for the landing gear.  With this in mind you may ask, ‘What is the best borescope options for inspecting Pratt & Whitney engines”?

Given this factor and its usability and portability, it is no surprise the Pratt and Whitney engine borescope inspection kit is a favorite among aviation borescope professionals. The kit may be small in size but it delivers powerful results and can be used in different vehicles, including helicopters and planes without any issues.

The P&W portable video borescope inspection kit has a videoscope system that delivers high quality imagery and video results. The bore camera is 4mm in diameter and encased in a durable tungsten sheath that prevents it from damage. It also has a 2 or a 4-way articulation system that improves its flexibility and range of use.   Articulation refers to the ability to maneuver the tip of the borescope in different inspections to obtain a full working view on the inspection area.  2 and 4 way articulation borescope systems are very popular but over the past years joystick articulation has become very popular.   The majority of the PT6A engines will utilize a 4mm borescope for the inspection.

It comes with a 4.3-inch LCD screen, which is compact and easy to carry. All the data from the P&W portable video borescope inspection kit can be stored on an SD card and it also has video recording features. It also has built-in LED lights to deliver better images and clarity in videos.   This borescope system easily captures videos and images with the push of a button.  The data is stored on a removeable SD card for your convenience.    In addition the USAVS 4-4-1500 portable videoscope  by USA Borescopes offers a video output that allows you to push the video signal to an external monitor.   This feature aids with classroom and instructional training sessions.

A major reason behind the popularity of the P&W portable video borescope inspection kit is the fact that it is perfect for the inspection of aircraft engines, such as the PT6. The Pratt &Whitney borescope inspection kit can also be used on automotive engines, making inspection easier. It is also compatible with different guide tubes, namely, the PWC34910-200, the PWC34910-400 and the PWC34910-600.  Of course this borescope system can work with the other popular borescope guide tubes such as the PWC34910-800,  PWC34910-804,  PWC72385 and many others!

The P&W portable video borescope inspection kit is neatly encased in a hard plastic, heavy-duty storage case that makes sure that the kit does not get damaged when it is carried around. The P&W portable video borescope inspection kit is available at different retailers. Prices can vary based on whether you opt to get a 2 or a 4-way articulating borescope system.

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