Most Popular: 1″ Manual Push Inspection Videoscope

by | Dec 22, 2016 | News

Our most popular 1 inch diameter push camera or commonly called sewer camera, push camera or pipe inspection camera system.  This system offers 100 feet of sewer camera push cable, 7 inch color screen, rechargeable battery pack and water proof storage case.

This sewer camera system is our most popular push camera not only for the competitive price but also for the durability and portability.  If you need a sewer camera for rent please call us.  Sewer camera rentals are becoming more popular.  Sewer camera rental is a cost effective way for home owners so small business owners to defer the cost of pipe inspection ownership.  To rent a sewer camera for a one time inspection can save you time in money.  Many of our sewer cameras for rent are available for overnight shipping.  Of course the rental of a pipe inspection system can be of concern for people that have never used them.  No problem!  Our sewer camera rental staff can walk you through the operations of the sewer camera rental and ease your mind.

With all of our sewer camera rental or pipe inspection rental systems we offer the ability to apply the rental fee toward the purchase.  This is especially attractive for small business owners as the pipe inspection rental or the sewer camera rental is initially requested for a specific job but then it is realized that the value of the sewer camera rental can be used on future projects.  In these cases we will apply the pipe inspection rental fee toward the purchase of the sewer camera rental before the system is returned to our facility.

A sewer camera inspection is completed by a sewer push camera or a sewer camera tractor with a flexible cable attached to the back of a service truck, through your sewer pipelines.  The camera enters from a sewer access pipe that leads to the sewer, either through a manhole or at a sewer clean out.  Once the sewer camera operator starts the sewer camera inspection he/she will set up what’s referred to as a “down-hole roller,” this is set up to prevent the cable from causing damage by rubbing against the top of the sewer pipeline.

The sewer camera operator can then begin the pipe inspection by operating the sewer camera tractor or push camera remotely from the service truck or nearby the cleanout. This process allows the sewer camera expert to identify the exact cause and location of the sewer pipe problem.

Upon completion, the sewer camera tractor or push camera is removed by reversing the gear and the cable, which are wound up.

We offer two versions of our very popular PIV Portable Push Camera, the traceable (with a built-in 512Hz camera sonde (optional), and the standard pipe inspection camera. These cameras are designed as an economical option for inspections of steel pipes, copper pipes, sewer, pipe, HVAC ducts, chimneys, aerospace cavities, etc. There are a couple of specific differences between the 6mm pipe inspection system and the other sewer camera inspection systems.   The diameter of the sewer camera pipe or the pipe inspection camera will dictate the required system.  Please contact our office to speak to a professional sewer camera expert to offer the correct pipe inspection system.

The sewer camera heads feature color camera head with sapphire glass lens to protect from scratches, and comes in various lengths. Our Sewer camera units are highly portable for the sewer camera professional.  Of course our units come in waterproof cases with built in TFT color monitors.  Our sewer camera come standard with the ability to record video and still images to a SD card to document your sewer camera inspection.   Over all the 1 inch sewer camera designed with the capability of locating the camera head with the use of the sewer camera locator.   The Sewer Camera locator is an optional item on many of our pipe inspection camera.  These sewer cameras offer the price point the rugged durability our sewer camera customers have come to expect and demand. For further information about sewer cameras or commonly called pipe inspection camera, rigid pipe camera, see snake or pipe borescope please contact the professional team at USA Borescopes.
There are two common causes to sewer pipe and pipe inspection problems.  They are corrosion of the sewer pipes and blockages caused by roots or other natural causes. Chances are, if you are a home owner, you have experienced one of these issues and wished you hadn’t.

One way to combat these issues is to identify them with a video camera inspection, sewer camera inspection or pipe inspection system.   Both corrosion and blockages can be found with a sewer camera inspection and by having this sewer camera inspection before the problem does damage to your home, yard, or landscaping can save you time, money, and frustration.

Sewer backups can happen repeatedly over the years before a homeowner senses there is a real problem with their sewer line.  If you are a homeowner who is experiencing constant sewer line backups, then it is time to call a sewer camera professional plumber to get to the root of the problem.  At USA Borescopes, our professionals have years of experience in sewer video camera inspections equipment and can help you locate your problem.  Call today to talk to one of our sewer camera experts or pipe inspection experts!

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