Picking The Right Sewer Camera

by | Jan 6, 2017 | News

Sewer camera models are pretty straightforward, in most cases. But, there are many options if you want a sewer camera or commonly called snake camera. This type comes many varieties: Pipe Inspection camera with viewing capabilities only, sewer camera with locator, rigid sewer camera, intrinsically safe camera, VIS 350 camera, Wohler VIS 350 camera with detachable heads, push camera with 6mm diameter camera, drain camera, quality sewer camera, cheap sewer camera, color sewer camera, plumbing inspection camera, sewer pipe camera or sometimes just called a borescope.    There are more limits with the standard sewer camera as it only is able to view the image. For a higher range of pipe camera capabilities, the more advanced systems like the Wohler VIS 350 Visual inspection camera for sewer offers a 1.5 inch camera head that will pan and tilt. Unless you’re a professional sewer inspection to perform extensive work, most do-it-yourselfers find sufficient use in the standard sewer camera.

Keep in mind that you’ll need push rod inspection camera systems that will offer minimal optical distortion and offer the biggest field of vision that’s possible. All of the sewer camera models will have illumination options that’ll be required for observing dark spaces, like an enclosed sewer pipes. Take into account the amount of illumination if this is a function you need, in addition to how long the battery will last until it’ll need to be recharged on your pipe inspection camera. One last consideration is the diameter on the rod on the pipe inspection camera. If you are going to be inserting the rod through a small opening, will the push camera rod be sufficiently small enough to fit through?  Will the pipe inspection camera have enough rigidity with the push rod and yet be flexible to navigate pipe bends?  You have a lot of questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our pipe inspection and sewer camera professionals. And with various model types, make sure you choose drain camera and pipe inspection camera that’s ideal for your specific needs.

Of course many only have a short term requirement for the sewer camera and they choose to rent a sewer camera or rent a pipe inspection system instead of purchasing a pipe camera.  We offer pipe inspection rentals and sewer camera rentals to all US locations.   Available for rental, the Wohler VIS 350 is suitable for a range of visual inspection applications. Capable of travelling up to 30m, the Wohler VIS 350 is suitable for most sewer camera inspections or pipe inspection camera.  We can also offer financing for the sewer camera for sale or the sewer camera for sale.

We have found that using the small, portable, and bend-negotiating inspection camera VIS 250 camera or VIS 350 camera to be very easy for most sewer camera inspections.  The Wohler VIS 350 visual inspection camera is one of our best sellers with its compact size and complete portability in a sewer camera. Visual inspection camera for sewer and water pipes, drain and flue lines, ductwork, etc. – Wöhler VIS 350 NTSC Visual Inspection Camera with digital meter.  Wohler Vis 350 pan and tilt push rod pipe inspection camera system; Vis 350 Push camera with rod pipe inspection camera with pan and tilt camera headWohler VIS 350 Visual Inspection Camera. Video inspection in a case: With the new Wohler VIS 350 camera system, you not only have everything you need to inspect with regards to sewer camera or pipe camera but you’ll have the confidence of purchasing a World Class sewer camera that is made in Germany.  Wohler VIS 350 PLUS Push Camera Inspection SystemModel # 8927 PLUS … For visual inspection of water pipes, flues and ventilation lines from 2″ – 8″ is water resistant and easy to clean.   Call us today at 931-362-3304 or email Sales@USABorescopes for all your push camera and sewer camera inspection requirements.

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