Pearpoint’s P374 Flexiprobe Color Video Inspection System Can be Used for Hazardous Zone 0 Environments

by | Aug 10, 2020 | News

P374 Intrinsically Safe Color Video Inspection System
Pearpoint’s P374 Flexiprobe Color Video Inspection System is Made for Use by Professionals in Toxic and Hazardous Environments While Ensuring Clarity in Results

Finding the best camera systems of hazardous environments is a challenge because safety is of the highest concern. Similarly, durability of the camera system is necessary because the materials in hazardous environments can easily cause a lot of damage. That’s why it is a good idea to invest in Pearpoint P374 Intrinsically safe colour camera.

The P374 Pipe inspection System is specially designed with durable materials to withstand damage and deterioration in hazardous environments. It is certified to the standards of EEX ia IIC T6. This makes it perfect for use in natural gas pipe inspections, petrochemical and chemical industries, for checking venting systems for landfills and more.

Apart from its durability, it also comes with a LCD color screen, a retractable visor and is compatible with a QWERTY keyboard. This aspect makes it more suited for use in various industries and ensures that you can use it to get the most accurate results possible.

The equipment for surface is rated IP55 which makes it easy to use in almost any environment and weather condition. All these features and the portable and compact size of the Pearpoint’s P374 IS Mini Flexiprobe Color Video Inspection System makes it a must have for any professional to have.

The Pearpoint’s P374 camera is the perfect choice for professionals who want a portable device for on-site inspections in dangerous environments. The mini system is affordably priced and can provide professional results.  Although the P374 may be group in with other pipe inspection systems, this intrinsically safe system can safely perform where other pipe cameras cannot.

Pearpoint’s P374 IS is an intrinsically safe Inspection Camera System certified to EEX ia IIC T6 for Zone 0 Hazardous environments.  Although the P374 camera falls into the pipe inspection category of remote visual inspection products, it’s class 0 inspection capabilities makes it available to inspection professionals that require to inspect hazardous environments.

The P374 inspection camera is an intrinsically safe pushrod system certified to EEX is IIC T6 for Zone 0 Hazardous environments such as vessels or pipework within the chemical and petrochemical industries, landfill venting systems, natural gas supply infrastructure, etc. The surface equipment is IP55 rated allowing this system to be used in most types of weather conditions. The P374 IS system is compact and fully integrated making it very easy to transport around.

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