P374 Camera for Hazardous Inspections

Aug 3, 2023

For engineers and inspection technicians working in highly dangerous environments, intrinsically safe and explosion proof camera equipment is a must. This equipment is specially designed to use the minimum amount of power to not ignite a hazardous material while still providing the required visual for the inspection task. This pipe inspection equipment works by eliminating the inherent hazards in the inspection device. This intrinsically safe camera is a must-have device on job sites like refineries and power plants, where hazardous and flammable material could cause an explosion that would result in a potentially catastrophic outcome.

ATEX stands for ‘Atmosphere Explosible’. The explosive atmosphere of ATEX areas means that special measures have to be taken with any electrical equipment which could generate sparks which in turn could cause an explosion. Reason for needing a camera in an explosive zone could include reporting on a fault or diagnosing issues with a team through the use of photos or video. For this purpose, ATEX-rated cameras are essential.

USA Borescopes offers a variety of explosion-proof devices, like our intrinsically safe camera, the P374. Browse our Hazardous inspection category to find the product that is right for you and your specific inspection requirement. We periodically update our catalog with new products like explosion proof borescopes, videoscope, and pipe inspection cameras, so check back often to see what’s new.

Whether it’s routine inspection or documenting, the P374 Camera is a very powerful camera for use in the most challenging hazardous locations.

The safety benefits of explosion proof borescope cameras have made them essential equipment in a wide range of industries, including the oil & gas, mining, refineries, and manufacturing sectors. These inspection camera devices can provide several vital characteristics:

  • Inspection and monitoring – Intrinsically safe cameras provide visual inspection and viewing of equipment, processes, and areas in hazardous environments. They provide operators and technicians to safely view critical components, machinery, or inaccessible areas to identify potential issues and conduct routine inspections.
  • Maintenance and repair – Intrinsically safe cameras are an invaluable tool for maintenance and process engineers that are required to inspect hazardous environments. They allow these trained professionals to visually inspect equipment, piping, and process equipment rapidly, which will reduce time and labor in place of tearing down and disassembling. 
  • Documentation and compliance – Explosion proof cameras play a role in visual documentation and safety compliance. This intrinsically safe borescope will allow the inspector to view the hazardous area without having to enter the area or enter a confined space.

Any company that requires quality intrinsically safe cameras for use in hazardous areas will find that the P374 camera is exactly what they need. 

The 0.94″ (24mm) color camera of the P-374 is suitable for viewing pipes from 1″ (25mm) to 4″ (100mm) in diameter. This mini flexiprobe unit also features a built-in keyboard, footage counter, 200′ (61m) of semi rigid rod, and video input/output for an external recorder or monitor

There are optional pipe inspection centering devices available for this system as well. Please note that aftermarket or self-made centering devices are not recommended for this explosive environment inspection camera. For customers that have purchased this system, we highly recommend that you read the user’s manual in total before using the P374 camera.

Pearpoint P374 is an Intrinsically Safe pushrod camera system certified to EEx ia IIC T6 for Zone 0 Hazardous environments such as vessels or pipework within the chemical and petrochemical industries, landfill venting systems, natural gas supply infrastructure, etc.

The P374IS camera system is truly portable, weighing only 46 lbs. (21kg) with the capability of operating off a 12VDC external power supply. The picture is viewed on an integrated, high resolution 6.4″ color LCD screen with a retractable sun visor built-in to reduce sunlight glare on the screen.

The 0.94″ (24mm) color camera is suitable for viewing pipes from 1″ (25mm) to 4″ (100mm) in diameter. This mini flexiprobe unit also features a built-in keyboard, footage counter, 200′ (61m) of semi rigid rod, and video input/output for an external recorder or monitor. This slim 1 inch camera head can fit into many pipes and entry points for various inspections. 

If you have any questions about USA Borescopes’ line of intrinsically safe borescopes, videoscopes, or pipe inspection cameras or about the benefits of using intrinsically safe camera and explosion proof inspection cameras, give us a call at 931-362-3304 or send an email to Sales@USABorescopes.com. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you.