How To Operate A Borescope Effectively

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Blog, Knowledge Center, News

The borescope market size in the world is growing at an exponential rate as the demand for effective video inspection tools is increasing for power generation plant maintenance. The US borescope market is expected to grow to $873 million in the next four years.

What is a Borescope?

The term borescope is often used for any type of visual inspection tool that can be used to view something remotely. However, technically speaking, a borescope is a rigid (Rigid Borescope), non-flexible optical instrument that has a lens on one end and can be inserted in a straight line into any object, machinery, or engine that you want to inspect. The camera generates a live feed allowing the inspection team to view the interior components that are magnified for a clearer image.

With technological advancements, the borescope technology has only grown and now includes variations such as fiberscopes, videoscopes, and micro borescopes, etc.

Using Borescopes for Inspection

Borescopes allow inspection teams to see components of machinery and equipment that they would not be able to see with their eyes unless they dismantle the entire thing. The borescope lens acts as an eye at the end of a cable that can be inserted manually into different parts of the machinery and shows magnified images of the interior.

By navigating the cable effectively through the interior of the machine, turbine, or engine, a person can assess the condition of the equipment and identify any areas that need repair or maintenance work. The borescope transmits the feed into a video monitor, which often has added features of saving images and videos that can be invaluable for future inspections and maintenance of the machinery.

Borescope Care Tips

Although most borescopes are made with quality materials that can withstand harsh conditions, they also require special care to ensure effective inspection and prevent damage to the borescope itself. Here are some tips for using your borescope and ensuring it stays in great working condition:

  • Do not immerse the borescope body in liquids of corrosive fluids.
  • Do not expose to temperatures greater than 80°C.
  • Don’t leave your borescope unattended, especially inside the machinery.
  • Don’t force your borescope tube inside an inspection area or take it out forcefully.
  • Always clean the inspection equipment including the borescope tube and camera properly after every inspection before putting it away.

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