MiniCam360 Pan & Tilt Camera – Great Solution for Remote Inspection of The Deep Well or Sewage Pipe Status

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With dramatically improved technology, deep oil well or sewage pipe inspection has become easy. The borehole video system or the MinCam360 pan & tilt push camera is a necessary diagnostic tool that can deliver HD quality viewing. There are varieties of flexible designs available that can suit the needs of the industrial, commercial, and domestic customers. It is a great solution for inspecting and recording the deep well or sewage status and contents. It can be used in any kind of underground pipe visual inspection. 

USA Borescopesis a worldwide supplier of visual inspection equipment.It doesn’t matter if you need a tiny 5mm fiberscope, aviation borescope, rigid boroscope or a pipe inspection camera visit They have a borescope repair team that does the fixing work according to the OEM standards. For unique inspection needs, the team can help. They even rent videoscope, boroscope, and sewage cameras.

Whether it is to determine what is causing clogging or sand infiltration or retrieve a lost tool or examine stratification or borehole fractures you can check out the minCam360 Pan & Tilt Push Camera available at It is a compact pan & tilt push camera offering 30m to 5m push cable length. You can control the 56mm to 75mm camera head with remote control. View high-resolution images from all direction steering camera head from a remote location. There are many valuable features the minCam360 has to offer.

Product description

  • The 50mm head diameter is the smallest in the pan & tilt camera class. Its small diameter is sharp enough to inspect faults in the smaller pipes.
  • You can turn the head of the camera into lateral pipes using the exclusive RID or Roll in device feature.
  • The equipment has a TFT-LCD with a large screen of 8.4” that allows performing inspection even outdoors in bright sunlight. The display has 640 x 480 resolutions, which means you get the best possible images in the lighting environment. 
  • The wireless remote offers convenience to control the camera.
  • You can capture still images and videos on a removable SD card with a single touch. The inspection recording can be easily included in the result reports.
  • An inbuilt QWERTY keyboard generates text fast making it easy to document inspections.
  • Distance traveled, other sensor values, and text gets displayed on the screen. It helps to identify the existing situation with ease. 
  • The miniCam360 equipment rides on a stainless-steel framework that is corrosion resistant. It also comprises of potent carbon fiber that durably works in an extreme working environment.
  • The camera head is designed using sapphire glass for extra durability and stainless steel for rust-free.
  • You can power the MC360 with AC or battery power. The equipment has interchangeable lithium-ion batteries suitable for 4 hours inspection.
  • The camera can cover 300° rotational range and not just straight ahead.
  • It has a 60m push rod cable of 60m, which allows long pipe inspection. It is flexible to make 90° turns with this length. 
  • The 6-bar water protection makes the use of camera easy underwater [50m] without concern.
  • Adjustable LED lights allow image adjustment in highly reflective and extremely dark regions. You get an optimum image for inspection. 

Valuable features

  • Rotation – Continuous 360°
  • Pan – Continuous 360°
  • Multi-frequency sonde transmitter – 8kHz or 512 Hz
  • Detachable steering wheel
  • Scratch resistant-sapphire window
  • Built-in lens wiper
  • White LED light with variable intensity
  • Detachable steering wand
  • Self-leveling camera head
  • Rugged carrying case
  • Optional skid packages for mainline use
  • Push cable length – 165 ft. or 100 ft. x 0.04”
  • Removable SD card of maximum 32 GB
  • Weight 49 pounds
  • Dimension – 23”L x 26”H x 12”W

Where to use pipe inspection cameras?

  • Vault inspection
  • Leak detection
  • Drill review
  • Manhole check
  • Deep well reviewing
  • Underground monitoring
  • Water dam and tunnel inspection

Benefits of pipe visual equipment

  • Robust and waterproof, so can be used 24/7 in every kind of environment.
  • Lighting is strong and variable.
  • Allows macro or wide-angle view
  • For close vision use manual focus
  • The pushrod is rigid and flexible allowing great vertical inspection.
  • Fiber carbon telescope poles for durability.
  • Mounted on reels with guiding contraption and brake.
  • Touch screen having neck belt.
  • Anti-glare screen display.
  • Suitable for dusty or wet conditions.
  • Detailed video and photo recording of the pipe or well conditions over layered with text, USB stick.
  • Fast and accurate diagnostics.
  • As the cameras get remotely controlled, pipe inspection risk gets reduced like exposing the gas line, while digging.

Mini drainpipe cameras 

  • In a residential setting

Homeowners experience tough plumbing issues, which need a snake that slides easily through the drain pipes to dislodge stubborn blockages. Sometime, the snake will not work. You may need a visual system. It will help you see what the status of the drain pipe interior is. Plumbers use drain cameras, which protects your property from yard or lawn digging and repairing. The precise location of the pipe issue gets identified in less time and cost. 

Professionals analyze and record pipe issues with ease. Using the drain camera needs no digging or struggling with snakes or any kind of guesswork. Just watch the LCD screen and understand the precise problem. 

  • In a commercial setting

Professional plumbers use the advanced mini drain camera device to inspect and diagnose plumbing issues like leaks and clogs in a commercial building. The leak or blockage source gets identified quickly and repaired with hardly some disruption. 

The plumbing maintenance package includes regular drain pipe checking with cameras that helps to detect issues as soon as they develop before they turn costly. 

  • In an industrial setting

In the oil& natural gas sector, the borehole video system is extremely helpful. It helps to determine the depth of the afresh drilled borehole, find and scrutinize faults, fractures, fissures, and stratification in borehole casing, retrieve lost tool, etc. the key features of advanced borehole cameras include advanced imaging, smart communication technology, and high-intensity lighting. 

Real-time inspection is a breakthrough. It allows viewing HD full-motion clear footage on an LCD, which gets used to make real-time decisions. The still images and videos of the borehole help to get the approval of the completed task conveniently. 

For more information and a full list of Sewer Cameras and Pipe Snake Cameras please click HERE.

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