Learn About The Benefits Of Using High Definition Video Borescopes

by | Jul 15, 2020 | News

Borescope manufacturers have recently introduced high definition video borescopes. A full high definition upgrade is a bigger enhancement in this field. The new High Definition resolution of video borescopes gives you an easy and reliable measurement of defects.

Users of this new technology must understand the features of this technology and its significance for the inspection program. In this article, we will tell you about the advantages of High Definition Video Borescopes.

What is a video borescope defined high definition?

High Definition is well-defined in the world of television with terms such as 720p (standard high definition), or 1080p (full High definition). Video borescopes that are presently available in the market have definitions of either 1024 x 768 (786,432 pixels) or 1280 x 960 (1,228,800 pixels).

The USA Borescopes offer exemplary implementation of image processing that aids to sharpen the edges, as well as optimize the picture quality to provide the best inspection outcome.

A 786,420 pixel-image offers twice the resolution as offered by the standard video borescopes. The 1,228,800 pixel-image offers thrice the resolution offered by a standard video borescope. In the case of video borescopes, the 786,432 images are labeled as “standard HD”. The 1,228,800 images are labeled as the “full high definition.”

Presently, there are two main methods to measure borescope. These are the three-dimensional phase and stereo. Three-dimensional phase measurement offers the advantage to efficiently measure the existing pixels, while the stereo method is restricted to the measurement of only 50 % percent of all pixels. The 3rd method of measuring is ‘comparative measuring’ where a touch probe is attached to the tip of the videoscope and with the known distance of this probe and the on screen grid you can ‘compare’ the size of inspected items.    These features are offered on the USA1000J-4-1500 system.

When it comes to selecting the measurement method to combine with the borescope, you should understand the type of impact that it will happen on the overall reliability of the measurement.

When the stereo measurement method is combined with a standard high definition, it provides around 393,216 pixels. The right combination of 3D phase and full high definition phase measurement provides 1,228,800 pixels or more measurement accuracy. It ensures reliable and trusted measurement results to the user.

Improvement in Image Resolution

The first benefit of the new High Definition camera technology is that it significantly enhances the image resolution of video borescopes. In HD devices, the images display elaborate detail and a crisper appearance.

 This is because of the presence of more pixels than the image rendered is clearer and detailed. The past generation of video borescopes used to provide high-quality images with up to 440,000 pixels. A high definition video borescope can enhance the resolution of the image from the earlier generation by twice or thrice.

High Definition video borescope offers several benefits such as:

  • improved image resolution,
  • the capability to see the detailed view at a greater distance,
  • quick and convenient identification of flaws,
  • minute cracks and
  • offer more precise measurement to its users

High Definition video borescopes save a good amount of time as examinations are completed quickly with enhanced results. These advanced devices also offer high measurement precision that provides heightened reliability to the users.

Detailed inspection

The new high definition and full high definition video borescopes provide images with three times more detail. The enhanced image resolution enables fast and simplified identification of the tiniest defect. Examination of gas turbines, pipes, tubes, airframes has improved to a greater extent.

High-resolution inspectors help in the accurate location of the smallest defects that were not visible before. The enhanced ability to identify minute cracks and slightest defects requires measurement even more important.

High-end articulating examination devices like the USA2000 J-6-2000 offer thorough internal inspection that is completed with heightened efficiency. They offer an ability to the users to see the varying angles of internal activity. These high-definition devices don’t require re-positioning them repeatedly to complete the examination.

In this way, maintenance technicians can reduce expensive downtime in the business.  Due to this feature, they are commonly used in rifle barrel inspection. Their rigid boroscope serves as an appropriate tool for examination.  

Improved precision of measurement

With high definition video borescope, you are now able to see better and clearer with improved detail. Regardless of how much irrelevant or insignificant the defect is, the device provides you with the ability to see it. This measurement enables inspectors to figure out whether or not the imperfection on the surface is acceptable or not.

HD video borescopes give you a clear view of distant location even in poor light conditions easily. This enables the borescope to position from a farther distance and preserves complete accuracy. With a full high definition video borescope, the distance is raised to 105mm. This makes the turbine far more convenient and reliable.

The zoom feature of the device provides you clear images without any distortion. This happens because the individual pixels are enlarged, and the image loses substantial detail. A high definition video borescope enables the image to get zoomed without distortion. This capability enables a more thorough inspection without requiring moving the tip of the borescope nearer.

HD video borescopes offer improved images with high-quality resolution. Earlier, due to issues related to bandwidth, these files have to be compressed. Now with the advanced devices, they can be saved to reports without any need for pixilation, or compression.

Enhanced modern processor speed generates the reports pretty quickly. They can deal with larger size files. Also, they offer enhanced reporting capability to their users.

When a high-definition video borescope is combined with measurement, it offers a greater impact to the user. It helps by increasing the reliability of the measurement.

If the switch is made with the help of a standard resolution HD video borescope with a three-dimensional phase, the measurement reliability is increased by more than five times. This enhances the performance of any inspection program and lowers the time required to perform inspections.

The USA2000 J-6 Series Portable Videoscope offers comparative measuring features.  Click here for more information.


More and more manufacturers are now introducing “HD” video borescopes in the market. It makes it important to understand its significance for image resolution. A standard high definition video borescope is a major enhancement over the earlier generation of video borescopes. Upgrading to a high definition borescope enhances the inspection program to fulfill the high demand for safety and reliability in today’s world.

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