6 Inspection Camera Accessories You Should Know About

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Blog, News

When it comes time to inspect a tight, hard-to-reach space, no tool compares to the inspection camera. It leverages the latest technological advancements to make the inspection process simple, neat, and thorough. Engine inspections no longer require messy breakdowns of key components – instead, a flexible borescope can weave through the tight corners to give users a glimpse inside. Sewer, drain, and pipe inspections are made easier, too, with articulating borescope tips that can be directed up, down, to the left, and to the right. You can improve on almost all your visual inspection tasks by deploying an inspection camera – along with the right inspection camera accessories, of course.

Inspection camera accessories build on the strong foundation that borescopes offer. These ancillary fittings or attachments go a long way in boosting the impact of each of your inspection jobs. And while many borescopes come with accessories, it’s always worthwhile to expand your options. Here are a few of our favorite borescope accessories to add to your collection:

  1. Borescope Support Clamps

Perhaps the most popular of all the inspection camera accessories on the market, borescope support clamps are ideal for conducting hands-free inspections. The holding arm allows operators to multitask while the borescope captures inspection images. Regardless of whether you work in the aerospace, manufacturing, or plumbing industry, this tool will boost your efficiency and workflow. Anyone who has ever wished they had another set of hands during the inspection process will appreciate support clamps!

  1. Roller Skids

Pipe inspection cameras – also known as sewer cameras – are designed to be inserted into piping and tubes for inspections. Because pipes vary so widely in size, there are several borescope accessories available for the plumbing industry. Roller skids, which are sometimes called centering devices, help keep the inspection camera off the bottom of the pipe and centered throughout the inspection process. Miniature roller skids are available for pipes as small as four inches. Universal roller skids support borescope use in pipes between six and 16 inches in diameter. No matter what size pipe you’re inspecting, there’s a roller skid option right for the job. 

  1. LED Light Sources

LED light sources are among the most crucial inspection camera accessories on the market. These tools provide bright, clear lighting for even the darkest of spaces. Compact, efficient, and more durable than you might expect, LED light sources can reveal damage, decay, and leaks you might not otherwise spot. If your borescope or fiberscope doesn’t already feature an LED-lit tip, you’ll want to invest in this accessory.

  1. Guide Tubes

When inspecting complex chambers and lengthy tubes, you’re going to want guide tubes to lead the way. They’re used to direct articulating borescopes to the specific location in need of inspection. Aviation maintenance professionals, in particular, can benefit from the use of such borescope accessories. There are specific guide tubes designed with fixed and rotor-wing aircraft inspections in mind. 

  1. Locators

One of the biggest benefits of using an inspection camera is the opportunity to visualize problems so you know exactly what to expect for repairs. Underground pipes in particular can be susceptible to root damage and leaks in difficult-to-reach spots. That’s where locator accessories come into play. These inspection camera attachments allow the operator to precisely locate the problem area and give you the depth measurements at the same time. A location transmitter – also known as a snode – is the MVP here, leveraging unique locating technology to identify the precise spot where a pipe is located. This makes planning for pipe repairs much simpler. Small, lightweight, and easy to use, these inspection camera accessories are a must-have for anyone working in the plumbing industry.

  1. Visual Cameras

If your borescope doesn’t already feature cameras or other visual technology, you’ll want to invest in inspection camera accessories to get the job done. A color video camera with USB attachments lets your existing borescope capture images and videos. While you might have once relied solely on mirrors and an eyepiece to conduct your inspections, cameras expand your options, allowing you to capture, save, and even share your findings with others. Some even feature Bluetooth capabilities, which further broaden your opportunities to share and save inspection footage as you go. 

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