How Does Sewer Camera Help to Inspect Drain and Sewage Pipes?

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Blog

A sewer camera is a widely used inspection method that helps diagnose damage in sewer pipes in both residential and commercial applications. This pipe camera can accurately identify the possible problem that could be causing the issue.

Early detection helps in repairing the issue at the initial stages. In this way, it helps in saving money incurred on larger sewer pipe repairs in the future. Due to these benefits, it is important to learn how a sewer camera assists in the inspection of sewage and drain pipes.

What Is the Need of a Sewer Line Camera?

The objective of a sewer line camera is to see what is causing a backup, leak or blockage inside the sewer pipe. The best part of this method is that it does not require the professional to dig the yard. However, once the issue is identified you many require some more obtrusive intervention. A clogged pipe may not require any excavation work as you can utilize a jetter system to try and blast through the clog. If the clog is the result of a root that has compromised the pipe, that changes things.

How Does a Sewer Camera Work?

Video Inspection of sewer systems and pipelines are becoming a lot important these days. It is performed with the help of a digital camera that gets attached to a push rod to go down through the pipes.

This way, it helps inspect the interior of the sewer camera that would otherwise get unnoticed. This plumbing camera assists in visualizing damage and clogs to sewer systems and pipes in commercial and residential buildings.

With this system, a plumber or homeowner can identify the primary reason for the problem in the sewer system promptly. In this way, it helps in efficient dealing of the problem, permanent fixing of issues, enhancing productivity, and saving time, money, and effort.

When identifying which sewer camera to get your hands on there are some questions you need to ask:

  1. Do I need a professional sewer camera with advanced features?
  2. Do I just need the best cheap sewer camera to minimize my cost?
  3. Do I just need a sewer camera rental as this will be a onetime use?

What Type of Sewer Issues That A Video Pipe Inspection Can Find?

These are some of the commonest issues in the sewer line that a sewer inspection camera can easily identify:

Tree Root Intrusions:

Tree roots need water sources for growth. On locating a crack in the sewer pipe, they begin to grow into it and reach the water source. This type of issues occurs often during the springtime when trees are producing leaves and expanding their root base.

Cracked, Broken, Or Collapsed Pipes:

As the camera goes inside the pipe, the plumber tells whether the pipe has been shifted, damaged, or collapsed. The cause of these problems can come from many sources but primarily from heavy vehicles traveling over the sewer lines or field lines.

Key Blockages:

Sending things down the pipes can lead to the deposition of paper, grease, and other types of gunk. Grease and food blockages occur frequently in commercial restaurants. Another high occurrence of blockages is with residential buildings with food disposal systems.

Sagging Sewer Lines:

When the sewer pipe starts to sag, the waste starts getting accumulated in the bellied section. This results in repeat blockages.

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Final Words

An inspection using a sewer camera is a non-invasive and effective method to get an inside view of the underground sewer pipes. To correctly use the technique for sewer inspection and repairs, it is important to take the assistance of a licensed and experienced plumber.