How Borescope Inspection Can Prevent Common Aviation Turbine Engine Failure?

by | Jul 1, 2020 | News

Borescopes have a long list of uses in aircraft maintenance.  The technology allows aircraft maintenance technicians to inspect hard-to-reach areas of the engine. Modern borescope features high quality cameras that allow technicians to get crystal clear images of internal engine components.

Inspecting aircraft engines with a high quality borescope can help prevent critical problems. Using the device can allow technicians to repair important problems , thereby reducing the risk of turbine engine failure.

Detection of Worn Out Fan Blades

Fan blades are a critical component of a turbine engine that keeps it cool. The engine is regularly exposed to harsh weather conditions, including dirt, debris, sand, high heat, and other problems. All of these elements can result in premature failure of the blades.

A borescope inspection can help detect whether the fan blades are worn out or not. Timely replacement of the blades can prevent unnecessary stress on the engine. Moreover, a borescope inspection help technicians determine if the blades require lubrication. Proper lubrication will ensure the proper functioning of the blades, thereby preventing issues with the engine.

Prevent Premature Wear and Tear

Internal parts of the aviation engine are robust that are made to last as long as the life of the engine. But a lack of proper maintenance can result in premature wear and tear of these components. The internal components are exposed to inclement weather conditions, including wind, rain, and heat. The worn out components should be replaced early; otherwise, they can cause damage to the other parts within the engine, resulting in total engine failure.

A borescope inspection proves invaluable in detecting wear and tear of the internal components of the engine. Borescopes can help your technicians to access hard-to-reach internal parts of the engine and detect issues. They help with the detection of worn-out parts that require replacement so that the engine operates smoothly.

Prevent Contamination

Using an articulating borescope can help inspect the lubrication system to detect contamination signs. Contamination is a serious problem that can prevent the turbine from working efficiently. The problem usually occurs in the engine’s oil system and is caused by water and dirt entering the lubrication system. This leads to degradation of the quality of the turbine engine, which increases the chances of engine failure.

3D Modeling

Another benefit of borescopes is that they help one visualize the internal engine components through 3D modeling. The technique allows enhanced information of the engine components. Visual rendering of the internal parts allows technicians to find out about depressions and protrusions with distance values and color-coded models.

Technicians can use advanced techniques, such as virtual slicing of the 3D models to focus on critical engine parts. This results in more efficient troubleshooting of the internal parts of the engine.


Borescope inspections are an important part of aviation inspection that can help prevent premature turbine engine failure. The device allows technicians to inspect internal components of the engine in great detail. Using borescope makes it easier to detect flaws, cracks, and worn out parts with great precision.

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