Guidetubes for wide range of turbine inspections

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Blog

Guidetubes are a great accessory for your 4mm borescopes. The combination of borescopes and guidetubes allow you to inspect turbines without taking apart said turbine. They’re essential for directing borescopes into specific areas during the inspection process, and with the use of articulating borescopes, they’re perfect for snaking through tight spaces and around corners. Most borescope guide tubes are made of metal and remain rigid throughout the inspection process.

A borescope allows for assessment of hot section components for wear or damage that may not be evident from a regular ground power check or flight data collection. For instance, for turbine engine inspection, inserting a borescope through the exhaust duct port and power turbine stage may reveal trailing edge cracks on compressor turbine blades. Portable Videoscopes have made this borescope inspection procedure much easier to facilitate.

Use the right guidetube for the right turbine

As you shop for guide tubes for borescopes, it may help to check your turbine’s maintenance manual for recommendations. Manufacturers frequently include borescope guide tube part numbers in their manuals. Some of the Pratt & Whitney guide tubes we offer, include PWC34910-200, PWC34910-400, and the PWC34910-600. If you need some guidance, we made a guidetube chart for the most popular Pratt & Whitney engines.

What borescopes does USA Borescopes offer for guidetube inspection?

USA Borescopes offers 4mm borescopes for any budget. All borescopes listed below are 4mm diameter and have 1.5m (5ft) length.

Our economy recommendation is the USAVS-4-4-1500, which has 4 way articulation you to allow to see around the guidetube.

We also now offer an economy joystick option the USAVSJ-4-1500, which has a compact form with easy to joystick articulation. We currently are running a sale to promote it.

Our Midway option is the USA1000J-4-1500 which offers a 7 inch touchscreen, smooth joystick articulation, text annotation, digital zoom.

Then we have our Flagship option is the USA2000J-4-1500 which has all the features from the USA1000J and interchangeable probes and high definition resolution.

What type of guidetubes does USA Borescopes offer?

Non articulating guide tubes are made from durable tungsten can be used to offer added protection to a flexible borescope. We offer Pratt and Whitney approved guide tubes for the PT6A engine family. Pratt & Whitney is a world leader in the gas turbine engine market that supports Business Jet engines and Agriculture aviation engines.

We also offer Turbomeca guidetube T-9571000 and GE guidetube 856A1310G01.

As well as Insertion tube holders that assist with directing borescopes to a specific straight direction. Commonly used during turbine borescope inspections. Insertion tube holder are available in lengths of 11 to 45 inches and accommodate borescope diameters up to 4.6mm

Additionally, a tube gripper can be used to make manipulation of a flexible borescope easier. The tube gripper is commonly used during orbital weld inspections where to inspector needs to frequently rotate the borescope. Tube grippers are included in the USA1000J and USA2000J series

We offer a Pratt and Whitney Inspection Kit that includes a USAVS4-4-1500, Insertion Tube Holder and PWC34910-200, 400 or 600 guidetube, all in a heavy duty case.

How to use guidetubes

Position the guidetube at the correct location (according to the turbine manual), then apply some pressure but do not force it. When done correctly, you will be able to screw in the guide tube into position. This allows you to then use both of your hands to carefully insert the borescope into the guidetube. After the inspection remove the borescope prior to removing the guidetube.

Prior to using a guide tube, please allow some time for the turbines to cool down, as to not damage the camera of the borescope. Most borescopes are rated for 60C and lower. If you need to inspect higher temperatures we also offer the USAVS-8-3000-HT.

Buy or rent a borescope guidetube today

If you’re eager to harness the power of a borescope guide tube for your next inspection job, USA Borescopes has you covered. We rent and sell borescopes and borescope accessories like guide tubes for a wide range of industries and applications. Not sure where to start? Reach out to our team today for a quote! Call us at +1 (931) 362-3304 or email us at