Enter the Smudge

Jul 25, 2022

Smudge joined our organization during late October 2021. Although we were not actively seeking out additions to our Staff he showed up at our door begging for entry. Smudge looked like he was battle weary as his white coat was very dirty and had signs of active bleeding on both sides of his stomach. He was very slow to move and not real responsive. He did eat and drink a little but not as much as expected for a weary kitten. He slept outside for the first couple of days and didn’t appear to leave the back entry way at all. His first trip to vet indicated that he was not chipped and that his bleeding wounds were not from a cat fight but in reality, brought about by his own doing. Smudge had the worse case of fleas that we’ve ever seen. His weakened state was caused by the flea infestation on his body and he was scratching himself until he bled. After getting his vaccinations and flea treatment we headed back to the office but not before we schedule his appointment to get neutered.

Smudge recovered slowly and after 2 days of fleas dropping off outside, he had his fist day on the job. At this point we weren’t sure if he would be a full-time, part-time or short-term addition. He acclimated to his new surroundings very well and figured out the litter box on day 1! The following week he had his neuter appointment and the Vet asked if we noticed if he is hard of hearing or deaf. “We just thought that he was ignoring us”, I replied. The Vet stated that solid white cats with 2 different colored eyes are always hard of hearing or deaf. Turns out Smudge is completely deaf!

Over the following weeks Smudges’ strength and personality increased. Although being completely deaf, Smudgie is the most vocal cat we’ve ever heard. Every time he jumps or lands, he has to make a R2 D2 like beep or bop. He not only meows but also will howl and whine. He does not like being alone and the complete borescope office is HIS domain.

There were no ‘lost cat’ signs or ‘have you seen my cat’ post on the neighborhood Facebook page. Nor did the neighbors recognize this lost cat. So, Smudge officially became a full-time borescope employee.

The Vet recommended that he remain inside or be constantly monitored outside because he could not hear any dangers like moving vehicles, predators or the like. We learned quickly that Smudge is a flight risk and you can’t turn your back on him for a moment. He actually has his own little outside safety vest with matching leash.

While indoors Smudge does his best to make his needs a priority for everyone. He has no problems taking a nap on your desk or keyboard. The other main attribute for this borescope cat is that it is impossible to love on him too much. There is nothing the Smudge enjoys more than a complete body rub and unlike most cats, he loves his belly rubbed.

If cats could explain their dreams, we imagine this would be the ultimate fantasy. He has a Staff of 6 that tends to his every need and someone always has time to pet him. Stay tuned to our USA Borescopes Facebook page as we will introduce a new feature to our postings: The Smudge Chronicles.