Dual Probe Borescope Kits

Jan 15, 2024

Have you found yourself where you require a borescope with multiple probe lengths and diameters? Wouldn’t it be easy to use the same control station that you are familiar with and just swap out the probe for the desired configuration? No more learning about different systems, software and features. Just plug in and go with the right borescope for the specific application. That is exactly what the USA2000 Series portable videoscope provides! This compact HD borescope system accepts diameters of 2.8, 3.9 and 6.0 diameters. These probes are also available at different lengths. The 6mm borescope is available with up to 7 meters (22.9 feet).

To call the USA2000 a ‘Dual Probe’ borescope is an understatement as this system can support as many as 9 different probes and this is as of January 2024. We expect the probe variations to only increase as Engineering and Technology developments increase.

While most borescope inspections may not require more than one probe configuration there are inspections that do. Specifically, let’s consider the PW100 Inspection Kit. This borescope kit offers just 2 different borescope configurations: 4mm diameter with 2 meters of working length and a 6mm diameter with 2 meters of working length. This dual-probe kit for the PW100 Borescope Inspection kit can be easily configured for the USA2000. The options with these borescope probes will meet the requirements of the P&W spec CTE 8003. You can compare our products to the XLVPKIT-GTF that is offered and trademarked by Waygate Technologies.

Our borescope kit that supports the CTE8003 engines provide the essential requirements of articulation, image capture, video imaging, articulation, and portability to complete the inspection.

Our USA750 series portable videoscopes, which are the compact version of the USA2000 series, are designed and built with the highest quality standards. These HD image borescopes are designed to support various borescope probe configurations to provide borescope professionals with a singular source to complete all the borescope inspection requirements. These borescope cameras are designed to provide the best borescope to improve productivity and versatility for your complex inspection requirements.

If you are not familiar with this specific Pratt & Whitney engine you can take courses that will educate you on these world class aviation engines. There are borescope training courses available form reputable providers like Flight Safety. The Pratt & Whitney PW100 Series engine Borescope Inspection course is designed to meet the needs of a Maintenance Technician maintaining this with a PW100 Borescope Series. The course is a combination of theory and practical activities. Borescope inspections are an important aspect of engine maintenance that aid in the diagnosis and promote preventative measures.

Whether you require a singular aviation engine videoscope or a system that requires multiple borescope probes, we invite you to view our complete borescope offerings. If you have any questions or concerns you can readily contact one of our sales professionals at Sales@USABorescopes.com or call 931-362-3304.