Difference Between Reel and Handheld Drain Inspection Cameras

by | Jul 21, 2020 | News

Pipe inspection equipment can help your plumbing crew quickly determine the fault in a drain or sewer pipe. The maintenance crew can use the equipment to find out about pipe cracks, root infiltration, corrosion, and blockages.

Once the issue is identified using a pipe inspection camera, it can be resolved using the right techniques. The maintenance crew will use hydro-jetting cleaners or rooting machines to resolve the problems.

When buying a pipe inspection camera, you will come across reel inspection cameras and handheld cameras. Knowing about the different pipe inspection cameras is important so that you select the right camera for pipeline inspection.

Reel Inspection Cameras

Reel inspection pipe cameras have a long cable at the end of which a camera is attached. The cable is connected to a monitor like a video recorder or laptop to relay images inside the pipes. Maintenance personnel can view footage captured by the video camera in real-time.

While the reel inspection cameras don’t have a fitted screen, the long cable makes it invaluable. The camera has a relatively large cable that allows inspecting long public sewers and drain pipes.

Reel inspection cameras are ideal for inspected long drains, gutters, and pipes. Moreover, the small diameter of the probe allows the operators to navigate bends and corners in the pipes without much problem. These types of cameras are recommended for evaluating complex and long pipes.

Hand-Held Drain Inspection Cameras

Handheld pipe inspection cameras are more portable as compared to reel inspection cameras. The camera can be used for inspecting blocked drains in residential areas. The design of the camera allows the maintenance personnel to hold the device in hand while investigating an area.

The maintenance crew will have an easy time diagnosing pipe problems due to the portability of the device. It is lightweight that provides great convenience to the maintenance crew in moving around while carrying out pipe inspections.

Bottom Line: Reel Pipe Inspection Cameras vs. Handheld Cameras

Reel inspection camera that is also known as a snake camera is ideal for inspecting medium to large-sized commercial and residential sewer lines, drains, and conduits. The maintenance crew can use the camera to look for problem areas and carry on the required repairs.

Using reel cameras is the easiest way to inspect pipes with lots of bends and curves. They are also effective on small diameter pipelines with sharp bends.

Handheld pipe inspection cameras are portable, making them ideal for use inside the bathroom, buildings, and utility rooms. They can be used to easily inspect multiple pipelines inside the office or home. The portability makes them convenient for the maintenance crew to carry them around.

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